Normal Day at the Dog Park

This little guy was minding his own business and my dog just kills his game.


Only in America would this fly

Courtesy of Tim at Sidewalk


DI find of the week

It's a leather planner, great quality and a steal at only $20. No,
this is not a scam.


If you dont have one, or two, do yourself a favor and go pick one up. The only thing guaranteed to put a smile on my face. Works 100% of the time, everytime.


Johnny Utah

Friday was an Electric company beach day and Trestles. Surfing is not my bag, but I figured I would be a team player. After about an hour in the water waiting to catch at least one "Tube" I decided that my chapped nipples had had enough and I was heading in. As soon as I navigated through the jagged shore rocks I rolled up on about 30 Electric employees lined up on the beach in awe. Creeps, our Snow team manager runs up to me and says, "You just took out Sunny Garcia, he broke his board on the rocks and he is pissed." At this point I am trying to catch my breath after the rock war I just had, I take a second to gather myself and i'm thinking, "Who in the fuck is Sunny Garcia." (If you're wondering click here). Creeps then chimes in, "C'mon, you need to go apologize to him, he wants to fight you." At this point I am still trying to figure out how this all happened without me even seeing a thing. So I oblige, and we start to walk over, Creeps then says he is joking, about the apology part. As I am walking back everyone on the beach is so hyped and I can't figure out why. I guess when I was paddling back out Sunny was coming towards me on a wave he caught, he dropped down to avoid me and then went back up to bust a little snapper, it was at that point that a YELLOW soft top board came out of nowhere and knocked him right off his feet. He wasnt wearing a leash so that thing took off like a rocket towards the rocks. My good bud, and famous NorCal Rep Marcell, rode right up to the shore to grab his board and apologize since I was already back out in the kiddie section trying to catch some lefts. Everyone was so pumped but I still couldn't understand why. After inquiring about this dude, I learned that it must of been my lucky day considering he didnt hunt me down and knock my lights out. After the beach we headed to the bar for the awards ceremony. My duties did not go unoticed as I took home the Electric Volt Thrower of the day and left a $100 richer. Not too bad for being a retard.


New Addition

Picked up a partner in crime for Petra today. Welcome "Chino".