FOUNDRY MOTO Smokeout West Party/Ride

The boys over at FOUNDRY are having a little pre-party for the SMOKE OUT WEST. There will be some rad people and some unique bikes. These guys build some really cool shit and have a fucking rad outlook on style. They will be giving away some cool shit from their sponsors, including Electric, and Danny G will be on the 1's and 2's. Come out to mingle, then get up the next morning to ride out to Cottonwood.

You've seen this on here before. One of my all time favorite bikes.


Nates bike, built by the Rudy, Robbie, and Jay at FOUNDRY

A Prime example of the term "RADICAL"

Sunday Session

I was in Vegas this weekend, for about the 65th time this year, to do some work and attend the annual Zappos Vendor Appreciation Party. For those that are unfamiliar, Zappos is a huge online retailer that carries a shit pile of stuff. They have incredible customer service and stock items that can be very hard to find. They also treat their vendors like gold, and once a year throw a party to show their appreciation. The least we can do is attend, right?

To kick it off our shoe buyer over at Z-Boys, Jim Copeland, decided to take us golfing yesterday. We played a round of 18 and finished sun baked and beer-bathed around 1:30PM. Tanner and I were just getting warmed up so him and I decided to continue for another 9, which then turned into another 18. By 6:30PM we had played 36 holes and I looked like a raccoon in a tanning bed commercial. It was a great day to say the least. I haven't played in over a year and my goal was to shoot under a 100, I shot a 99 on our first round. And on the last 9 I beat Tanner by 4 strokes which dug the knife in even harder. See below for the visuals:

Jim(Zappos), Tanner(DC Shoe Co), Pat(Globe Footwear)

We played a really nice course at the bottom of the Red Rock canyon. There seemed to be an abundance of foreclosed homes on the course. At least they looked that way. Don't know how stoked I would be to hit up the slide?

These go together like Peanut Butter and Jelly

Tanner hangin at the beach

If I am correct in my memory, this is the infamous hole 14. First round I had a fiery slice on my drive that landed me on the back patio of a home owner that was too short on cash to buy a fence. My Philosophy: Play it as it lies.

The Golf Gods called in a favor and I wound up in the same damn spot on round two. I sure made it look good though. 6 iron off the concrete, killed it!

Photo Credit: Tanner Irion

After 36 holes, a 20 minute power nap, and a salty shower we arrived at the Palms to blow it out!

Holding it down:
Pixton, Nate, myself, Dre

They had penguins in the pool upstairs. Kind of Ironic considering it was a mild 101 degrees while the moon was out.

I cant believe this was a year ago already. Crazy


Me So Hungry

Only in Vegas

Nate? Is that you?

Click to see diecut on the back of the truck.

Yeah Arizona!

Im telling you, the people that live here are beyond creative when it comes to trying NOT to fix something.

Timbo's? Size 16 you say? Yes please.

Angel still has his shoe on inside this Paul Bunyan work piece.



Angel p-chopped a few things out of this picture and he was super proud, so I figured I would post it.

And Colby put his Vintage "I have spilled so much shit on this picture in the past 30 years" look on this one.


As you all know, I am a european auto Enthusiast. I love me some Audi. I check this site on the daily and figured I should share. The guy who owns and maintains the site has two of the cleanest cars I have seen in awhile. See pictures below. If you want to check em out click this.

Epic Tank I saw at the Chopmeet

Summer is in full swing.....

and that means a few things. Heat, Golf, Lake, Repeat.

Golf Gamblin '06
Stevie, Bruns, Seth

Pineview '07
Beez, Seth

Pineview '07
Beez in Rare form

Parker '07
Weekend at Winch's

Opening Day of Rehab '07 (Before this shit was ghetto)
Smith, Jonah, Vanessa, Jack, Nate


Quote of the year

"Black is not a color, its a lifestyle." - Angel Fuentes 7/20/08

Dog Toys have come a long way. "The Ugly" dog toy

Really V.2

Here are a few epic road shots that I was lucky enough to capture for your viewing pleasure. It pays to have your camera on you at all times.

I am guessing the conversation went something like this, "Honey, just because we had to sell the suburban does not mean we need to cancel our lake trip. I will just go get a hitch put on your accord and we can trailer both skis and the four bikes, it will be fine"

I swear this was a car trailer transporting shit from West Coast Customs. Who else would be dumb enough to sink any time, effort, or money into a dodge caravan?

Three main points I would like to make here:
1. Has a donut on the front and he is going about 80. At least its on the front in case he has a blow out and wants to still live.
2. His trunk is absolutely stuffed to the gills. Tuckin rimzo!
3. If you have an amazing roof rack like that, use it!

Weekend Wrap Up

So Brendan and I loaded up the Denali on Friday afternoon and headed out to Mountain High for the annual Chopmeet. We stayed in Vista on Friday night with my good friend Matt Landman and his wife. Had a little BBQ with Burgers and Coronas. Dustin and two of his friends came over to join and we proceeded to have an epic evening.

Dustin getting wasted on Electro-Beer

Saturday morning we got up and tried to leave by 8, but due to some technical difficulties we left around 9:30. Sweet.

Dustin and his rat pack, Carter and Landman

The Chopmeet

We werent sure what was really going to be at this infamous "Chopmeet". Turns out there was a bunch of awesome steel horses. Harleys, Triumphs, BSA's, they had so much cool shit. I was hoping to buy a ton of parts but didnt find too much. However I did buy a sweet Mad Max style leather jacket. Carter was backing it so I had to. The main reason we were there was to find parts for Brendans Triumph. He ended up finding a rear wheel which is going to make things a lot easier for him, considering you need two wheels to ride. I was very surprised at the amount of bad ass Triumphs at this deal. See the rest of the mug shots below.

Still my favorite bike till this day. Built by the same dudes that constructed Nates bike, Foundry Moto

This wins the award for "Gayest Bike In The History of Mankind"