Used and Abused

Yesterday Seth dropped one of the biggest cliffs the Brighton backcountry has to offer. He clipped a small rock and this is what happened to his two day old deck. Regardless, he stomped it, and that's all that matters.


Since 1977

Sidewalk Surfer, one of my favorite shops of all time, and everyone that works there is epic. I mean who else feeds their reps beer while they are there? Dave showing that he got "Rock" on his Sessions cap, Tim giving his best Nixon impression, and they have the biggest Vans wall in the country in addition to a random Morrissey sighting. I am also pretty sure that Arnie hand painted that loafer. Much love Sidewalk, thanks for the support!

Phoenix First Stops

Had to jam by the DMV real quick to get some new tags. I noticed the over abundance of specialty plates you can get in AZ, 21 to be exact.


Steep And Deep Today


Beez: Bottom left, all that matters

I have whack style


If you don't have an in-house seamstress...

then I highly suggest finding one. Mine happens to go by the call sign of Brock "I'll find a solution to any problem" Harris. He handles all of my alteration requests. Here he stitches up a vest for my lady that needed to be taken in. Thanks Holmes.


Wasatch Weather Report

Lots of wet and heavy ass snow once you get into higher elevations, AKA top of the lift. Northwest like conditions, wear your Gore-Tex and make sure it's breatheable cause it's warm as fuck out there!


Bruns just found this ad on his old hard drive and sent it to me thinking I had seen it before. Well, I hadn't...and its amazing. Its spot on. Reminds me of the exact reason I bought my S4 in the first place.



I have been driving the van for the past few days and I have the stoke back to get working on her. Just torn which direction to go. I love this dropped panel, but I feel the same about this gasser. Still not sure.


Custom Blade Works

My buddy Kim told me about this dude a few months ago. Man these things are pricey, but legit.



Real In the Field

Don Knots asked me to answer a few questions for his site. Click here if you want to check it. Also, click here if you want to see the dopest knot app of all time, JP is currently addicted to it.


Goggles for Dayz

Just got the 11/12 Electric line and let me tell you, it's enormous....and looks amazing.



I am the lone prospect this season at THE SPOT. Normally it would be a daily hangout this time in the season, but due to some special circumstances THE UNIT had to take their game to the street. I have been lucky enough to help the boys out while they are on their grind. I'll tell you right now that this crew of athletes are the hardest working posse in the snowboard industry. Growing up glued to the TV when the new shred movies dropped, I never realized the amount of manual labor that goes into getting the shot. Its so rad to be a part of the magic. If you're interested, you can tune in here, here, and here, to see what the stats are on the daily.


Glamour Shots

Of my two partners in crime(that bug me all night long when sleeping in our bed)

Snow Time

I think this might be the best window display we have ever done. Nike's snow campaign is so killer this year and the whole team fit perfectly on the Milo SLC windows.


Best Vanity Plate EVER!

It's like putting "JAKE ANGEL" on a plate.