NorCal Mission

Details are minor at this point but I know that tomorrow around 8AM I am hitting the road towards NorCal. Jeremy has a shoot to do for Burton up at Northstar and he was kind enough to extend the invite. Blasting 660 miles in one day, I think I am up to the challenge. Stone is in as well and I am glad to say the least. There is something to be said about a guy that is down to deal with any situation. Plus he is taking his bagger which makes me feel more comfortable, I guess the only way to describe that feeling is something that can relate to a false sense of security. I will keep the blog updated along the way.

Kind of off topic: Stone took this sweet shot of my lady and I. Feel like I need to put it in my wallet or something.


Why get glasses when you could just get a bigger monitor

Browner, hard at work.

New Stuff!

I added two new blogs to the "Shit I Check On The Daily" section. I feel like I am pretty stingy when it comes to adding url's to this column. Two reasons: First being that they have to be good at putting new, and legit, content up so that its worth the CLICK. Second, because i'm just plain picky.

Lee Bender is a ripping skater and an all around sweet dude. He rides a bitchin sporty and has some amazing things he has accomplished in his lifetime. Check him out here.

Rouser Rob builds amazing motorcycles and has the raddest "Fuck You" style. Check him and his travels here.

Welcome to the club.(Whatever club that may be)

Text book image of "Kick me while I'm down"

Womp Womp

Loser in Swine Country


RP Emo Shots

At it again with the point and shoot.

South of the Border Voyage

Anyone that checks this blog from time to time should know by now that Rocky Point is one of our "Spots". A place that we have taken many adventures to since my teenage years. As our "Four Pack" of homies has aged, our trips have gotten less frequent and way more planned out. This one we had to plan almost six months in advance. But it was well worth it. We brought the girls, spent an extra day than normal, kept it mellow, and had a killer time. Here are some shots.

It wouldn't be a normal trip if we didn't get pulled over before we even crossed the border

Brendan's Boston, Baya is her name, such a bad ass dog


Brendan's breakfast comes in a close second to Nate's. "I'll get some french toast, quesadilla, and a Dos Equis"

One of my favorite things about Mexico is the fact that they still have THRIFTY Ice Cream. Anyone who has dipped on this shit knows that it truly is the BEST ice cream. Here is my lady killing her sweet combo of Rocky Road and Rainbow sherbet(Gross)

I am no Steven Stone but I try to get as wicked on my point and shoot as possible. We were sitting in this bar and I noticed the fold up windows that hang on the ceiling. The result, a new album cover

I am addicted to long shutter

The only thing gayer is two dudes on a street bike. Its alright, these things fly under the radar when it out of necessity.

Through the years we have seen some sweet creations down south. This one is leader of the pack at the moment. Garage Engineering at its best. One of the most shady feats of fabrication I have seen in a while. They had a bigger generator powering those speaks than the motor running the real HP's.

I realized a few years back that there is no more of an unsafe, and fun, way to ride quads in Mexico then when I am running; no helmet, tank top, boardshorts, and sandals. I at least wear eye protection. This picture is a great example of Dre when she is pissed at me

Here is Angel about to rip his lady of the back

Brendan and his chica decided to go para-sailing. Turned out to be much safer than I thought, what a let down.

I should charge for these kind of memories.

As always it was a killer trip. Super mellow down south these days. The government has filled the summertime vacationers with so much "Drug Cartel" bologna that no one is going down there for a good time. Let me say this, its safer than ever. Now hurry up and take some vacations so we can start a business down there to retire on!


Little Things

I dig companies that make the little shit better. DYSON is a prime
example of a brand that makes things, you would normally overlook, a
lot sweeter. This hand dryer I ran across in the airport last night is
a text book execution of efficient. Looks cool, you can barely hear it
when it at max throttle, and my hands actually left the premises 100%
dry. One of their products that's more of a practical application is
their line of vacumns. One of my old roommates had one and it's like
the Lambo of vacumns. Worth every penny. Now go out and buy one!

I guess "5 Hour Energy" just wasn't enough for the Die Hards



Made it back from the trip in one piece and with a huge smile on my face.

Wednesday: Departed for Vegas, had to put Queen and I's bike in the back of the van and Stones bike on the trailer cause there was an effing blizzard going on all the way to Beaver. Which is about the time the right wheel bearing blew out on the trailer. Sweet. A new spindle, 2 hours, and $200 later and we were back on the road. Getting to stay at the Red Rock for $50 that night more than made up for the previous expense.

Thursday: Left Vegas en route to The Hoedown in Hemet, CA. While gassing up in Baker we met up with a whole posse of Vegas boys headed to the same deal. They gave us a sweet route up through Big Bear. Ryan proceeded to run out of gas on the freeway before we could make it to Barstow, good thing we had a support vehicle. Got to Kutty's, drank some beer, people watched, and then bartered for the cheapest hotel room we could find to sleep and house our bikes.

Friday: Woke up and went on the Dice Hangover ride which happened to be one of the most amazing routes I have taken my bike on, so fun. The girls decided to take a shortcut and meet us at the Bash which ended up being a major longcut by an extra hour or two. Left Lake Skinner and headed back up to Vegas blasting 90-95 the whole way. Queen snapped his chain 100 miles out of Sin City. We fixed the chain only to find out there was not enough clearance between the tire and fender supports, back on the trailer. 40 miles down the road and the other wheel bearing blows out, 30MPH in the shoulder back to Vegas.

Saturday: Sleep in while Queen searches for parts. No luck so a new trailer is in order. Hit up some lunch and shopping then back on the road home. Queen stayed the night in Vegas so it was just Stone and I back to SLC. When we stopped in Beaver it was a frigid 39 degrees so I put my bike in the van, the bagger wouldnt fit. Stone got geared up in snowboard outerwear and fended off the following 150 miles with pride. We rolled into SLC around 2:30 AM. Beat but with a shit ton of good memories.

Stone took all the photos so hopefully those will be up soon. In the meantime here are a few shots from Queens camera. Shout outs to the girls for being such an amazing support squad.


En Route: Issue Numero Uno

Blewout a wheel bearing on Ryans Micro Machine Trailer. I think we
caught it in time(crossing fingers) to get fixed. Good old Phil at the
Chevron in Beaver UT is trying to get us dialed in. Hopefully it gets
handled cause it's a little brisk for Stone to be riding right now.


Bash Update

4/15 Depart SLC around 3 o'clock, arrive in Vegas by 8PM.
4/16 Depart Sin City at 8AM to be in Hemet at High Noon for the Hippy Killer Hoedown. Chill there all day and camp that evening or find other accommodations.
4/17 Get up and hit the DiCE Magazine Hangover ride to the BASH campground, this should put us at the venue around 11AM. Hand out till around 4 or 5 PM and then split back to Vegas.
4/18 Wake up in the early AM and head back to SLC

I know its a lot packed into a little time. But its sure to be a kick ass time. I really hope to see all of you there.



SLC Hoedown and BASH excursion

Last week I sent the invite email out to the tight knit list of posse members. A lackluster response to say the least. I think its because everyone has their bike torn down right now. Regardless, I know at least one of the two people that read my blog might be interested in going, so I am going to post it up here.

The tentative plan as of right now is to leave SLC Wednesday afternoon and stay the night in Vegas. Thursday morning head from Sin City to Hemet CA for the Hippy Killer Hoedown to help Los Losers slang some gear at our first legit event. Probably camp out Thursday night there or stay at a friends spot. Wake up Friday morning for the DICE hangover ride to the Biltwell Bash at Lake Skinner. From there we either camp out and leave to SLC in the morning or head back to Sin City, stay the night and leave early Saturday morning for the home stretch.

At this point I have loose commitments from people I can count on one hand. Not what I want for how fun this experience is going to be. But I will ride solo if I have to. Hit me up if anyone is going or would like to go. This is going to be one for the memory bank.