Labor Day Birthday

Bruns made this amazing flyer for the surprise party I threw for Dre this weekend. This might single handedly be the best invite ever created. I mean, just look at Stone in the background from our camp mission last year.

Nic, Maria, and Nic's Hot Dogs

Pena & Matt in the best photo ever taken, ever. You're welcome.

The Brown's made it out, in all black, yes.

Keep in mind it was pitch black during these photos. So when Chris told his wife "Ok lets do some funny faces", the joke was on her.

Huot clan: Happy, Intrigued, Serious

Andy, pre smoke following him everywhere

Josh and his shaky face

This is really when things took a turn for the worst...

Danger, Tequila and Moustache

Dre running on an empty tank. Aja wanted to throw her hand in there for good measure.

Stone deep in thought and even deeper into intoxication

Most amazing cake ever that Stone's better half, Heidi, had made for the Birthday girl who couldn't even take a bite. When offered her retort was, "No, I'm gonna throw up"

Our spot was epic

Slightly groggy

Everyone was super worried about bears getting to our food. This was as close as we got to that scenario.

Thank you to everyone that came out and made this happen and extra special thanks for keeping your mouth shut for two weeks.