Today in Aspen. Amazing feat on how a person managed to get the
tailgate closed.


SIA Recap

Been in Denver for the past week hawking next years Electric product. Long long week but definitely some good times. Here is the highlight reel.

My fearless sidekick/twin brother Jordan Mead and his fresh shades

Straight of the plane we went to a seedy Mexi restaurant and Jordan got a childs size Margi

Ran into CPB mid training for his "How much weight can I lose in 30 days" marathon. Lookin good Browner.

Jordan about to get a pubic urination ticket

What an amazing duo. The Party Sorcerer and the most epic CEO ever

During these trade shows what little sleep we can get is absolutely imperative. The second night we got in around three AM. I specifically asked Nate to NOT set his alarm. He must of thought I meant set all four of your alarms and then hit snooze until Jake throws your fucking iPhone through the window.

Dustin did a top sheet design for our close friends over at Weekend Snowboards. Turned out sick!

This would be the mountain board demo ramp. A little much? Its like a 50 degree slope.

Jordan just picked up this brand. I think its going to be big.

Their first prototype board

We had an Electric company dinner and we asked Amber to stand up in front of everyone to tell them why she loved working for Electric. The girl called out bluff and had the balls to actually do it.

Volcom had their Blizzard Bizarre tour in town so we were basically on stage during ASG (one of my favorite bands, look em up). Seth, Bruce and I thoroughly killed it. I even got hit in the head with a half full PBR tall boy in the mess of a crowd. They finished with two Queens of The Stone Age tracks, fucking ill.

Look how stoked Seth was

Bolts Represent at Cheba Hut

I could eat there everyday just for their Treats. Rice Krispie and Fruity Pebbles. What?!

Got to see RZA as well.

Bobcat and some sweet fur shades

I tried on some prototypes for Jordan, and so did he. EG3.72, you saw it here first ladies and gentleman.