Bottom vs Craig Wedding

TJ and Karen were wed this past Saturday. Bruns was kind enough to MC the special occasion and during his gromsmen speech he popped off with these gems:

"Look at these two, it's disgusting."

"Just look at them, aint a carbohydrate between the two of em."

"Please raise your glasses in a toast to Mr. and Mrs. Bottom.....we've only just begun."

The below are some snaps.

Her last kiss as a single woman

If this photo was in color you could see that Dustin is pointing at Jeremy's bright orange pockets

Done and Done

The Cupcake Cake

Queen, one swoop

We went to breakfast the following morning. I took a picture of Teej and KB without them knowing. Just look at em, its disgusting.


Support The Cause

Help Brian out here. See you at the show.



Not sure if you remember the Spider post from a year or so ago, but this is a great follow up.

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