And all this time I was under the impression that we were in the midst of a "recession." If I could guess there is only one species on this earth capable of making a horrible purchasing decision like this. Video clip below is a perfect example.

Japanese Fixie Whips

Its been awhile since we have been back stateside from our Asian excursion. But while carousing through iPhoto I came across a few shots of some cool bikes. I just got done looking at "The Skids" and I figured I would post these. Shout out to Jordan and Angel on these bad boys.

Mike Ness

I went and saw Ness on Friday night at the House of Blues in Vegas. He laid down all the hot shit honky tonk style. You can't eff with "The Devil and Miss Jones", and "Ball and Chain." It was an epic show and his whole band was completely kitted out. He was even sporting a trad Cowboy jacket with creme accents and a black cowboy hat. Pulling out all stops. Picture was taken on the iPhone which has seen better days.


Pic of The Day

Seth "Coast Customs" Huot, Brock "The Beez" Harris, Jake "Hard Piper" Hobbs (Not my first choice for a nickname, but Angel won't leave it alone)


River Rat

4th of July is quickly approaching. I think we all know what that means, the River Ratz(localz spell it with a Z) come out of their cages and showcase their fine talents in the heat of the summer. Being that my territory is the prime time hot spot to see these species in their prime, I figured I could at least share a few gems to get you prepared for any possible encounters.

Qualities that can identify a River Rat:

Passout Pee This is usually the first clue. If you are on a houseboat with all of your homies and some random falls asleep at your dinner table and pisses herself....then she is either from Havasu or New Mexico. It made dinner very enjoyable to say the least.

You are pissing out in public and think that the black ford is a urinal. Extra Credit here: Tanner was actually thoughful enough to bring his own tunes and beer! Also, you cant see it but he is wearing two watches, dual time zone bitches. I love you Tanner!

Public display of drunkeness. Not only do you have a problem, but you feel the need to wear it on your head.

Public display of same sex affection. This is the worst quality of a River Rat. Especially if it is two of your best friends that you thought were straight this whole time. Its alright TJ and Jefe, I am fine with it.



Sketchy Story Wednesdays

Jeffs gaping salt hole

Brown in the GTI

Me, so stoked that this stressful situation is over with

Salt for days
Tired, drained, hyped

For some reason I got up this morning only to recollect thoughts of an event that will stand in my mind for life. I am going to apologize up front for the long story.

One fine Sunday in May of 2006 I found myself sitting at Chris Browns house eating a family dinner in the early evening. During dinner talk the topic of the Salt Flats came up. Over the course of about ten minutes we had thoroughly convinced ourselves that we needed to go, and we needed to go that night. We got the bright idea that we should drive 120 miles to see what this "Speed Record" Hoopla was all about. So, with no preparation, Jeff and Chris hopped in the GTI, and I got into my S4 and we were off into the sunset. Keep in mind, none of us had done our research on what this place was all about. For all we knew, it was just a desert oasis of salt. Always hard as a rock, always hot, always white. Not the case. So two hours has gone by and we arrive(Approx. 9PM). We get off the freeway and take the road till the pavement ends. Neither of us think to get out and check the surface. Jeff dives in head first and drives right out onto the salt. I wait about 30 seconds and follow. From inside the car the ground feels like an ice rink, sketchy to say the least. By this point it is completely pitch black outside, no light anywhere. I see Jeff's headlights in the distance at a stop. I wait for him to come back over but see no progress. I drive over only to find that he has gotten himself stuck. The salt was not dry, it was not hard, in fact it was like fucking snow. The GTI's front wheels were sunken into the salt down to the lug nuts. We spent the next two hours trying to get the damn thing out. We didn't have shovels, so we use the next best thing.....skate decks. None of this worked. I even tried using a tow strap to pull him out with my car. Even with AWD I felt my car sinking. So, instead of getting ourselves into another mess we decided to all hop in my car and drive to Wendover to see if we could get a tow truck(Approx 11:30PM). Once into Wendover we get ahold of the only tow truck company. They wanted to charge us like $650 to go get the car out. We are talking five miles away from the tow truck station. $650 for a 10 mile round trip, two second pull out. At that point we decide to drive back to Salt Lake, pick up my Jeep, and pull this SOB out. We get to Salt Lake, pick up my Jeep and Matt Kime to help, stock up on Red Bull and bounce(Approx 2:00AM). We get back to the Salt Flats and pull the GTI out in about two nano seconds(Approx 3:45 AM). At this juncture, we are around 10 hours into this "little" journey. As I am packing all this shit up back into my Jeep, I see Jeff take off into the darkness in the car. My immediate reaction, "He is out of his fucking mind". A few minutes later he rolls up and I was like, "What are you doing?! Ever heard of you just got stuck". His reply, "We got this far, I am not leaving without running this bitch". What the hell right? Whats the worst that could happen, we have the Jeep to pull him out. We spent the next hour or so scouting out this place to find solid ground for at least a mile long stretch to see what the GTI could do. Turns out, Jeff found the only 100 Sq Ft patch of unsolid salt in the whole place. This is where the fun started. We spent the next hour running the GTI to is absolute limit, 5th gear, RPMs tapped, nothing left in the motor. We got that car up to 142MPH. All of us were able to experience our fastest car ride to date. And all of it was totally freestyle, no safety equipment, no one else out there to contact in case we got hurt. All in all pretty sketchy. The coolest part though was that the sun was rising. Keep in mind, we hadn't seen this place in its full beauty, in the light. So we are driving a car like its a go cart, the sun is on the horizon, and we can see actually how big this natural ice rink really is. So crazy! At this point it is around 5:00AM and we decide to go home. One gnarly trip, and a ton of great memories. Here are a few pictures, that don't really do justice, and a quick video clip. Good thing gas was cheap back then.


Tuesday Morning Memories........BALDFACE

During the summer stress months I like to take a few minutes to remember some of the great times during the winter. This helps me pull through the heat knowing that there is light at the end of the tunnel. This mornings recap, our trip to Baldface. BF is a private snowcat operation based out of a small town in the Kootney Mtns in British Columbia. We were there for fours days, probably the most amazing and memorable days of my life. I got to shred on the best snow and terrain that I have ever encountered. But I think the best part was being able to have my whole crew up there. Probably the tightest crew of friends on a trip to date. You cant fuck with this roster: Bruns, Coan, Beez, Brown, Mega, PT Cruiser, and you cant forget Benny. The only thing I could of wished for is a helicopter to come out of the mist carrying TJ and Angel and the trip would of been my lifes ender ender. Regardless, is was some insane times, memories, food, and all around epic experience. Here are a few shots, they come no where close to describing how fucking rad this was! Crossing my fingers on going back this year.


I can see the future

So this is what I have to look forward to this week. I will be out on the road "Soliciting" my products. I was hoping to get some nice weather, but it doesn't look very promising. Well, I guess that depends on what you consider "Nice". For those of you who have yet to experience 100+ degree weather, let me tell you, you can feel every degree past 100. There is a huge difference between 101 and 107, let alone 117 in Havasu on Saturday. Heat this intense puts everyone in a bad mood. Cars are not made to drive in conditions like this, nor was it meant for the human brain to work in this environment. I hope I don't melt, literally.


Inspiration for the Steed

"Your mouth says no, but your fat gut says yes"

Lost Highway.....

Colby and I went out and took a few photos today before he leaves for California. I am pretty pumped on how they turned out. Here are a few, check em. Thanks Colb, colbyvincent.com

Virgin Post

Here we are, the beginning of a new chapter "blogging". This is my first post so take it easy.