Web Soup

Check it out on E!, you can find some effing gems.

The world needs more "Don's"

"You too can have a picture perfect dick target"

People actually buy this shit. Its crazy to me.

RIP homie. You will be missed.

Guess I will be saving a lot of money, infomercials will never be the same.



I will probably be posting a little less frequently over here on the Horse. This will be more personal and rando shit. Have a new project that the boys and I are starting and its panning out to be pretty sweet. Just a blog for now but it will be more official in the next few days. All moto content will be directed that way. Put it on your daily clicks, or for you nerds out there your RSS feeds. Peace


Florida Hot Rod

I was lucky enough to see this gem with my own two eyes.


Onward Westward

Heading out to SoCal on a "Fun Run" of sorts. It will probably start with just a few leaving from SLC and we will hopefully pick up more along the way. Join us for a sweet adventure.

Coverage of the Florida Endurance Event

Returned home to SLC last night and what a good feeling it was to be back in this city. The more I travel to new places the more I appreciate where I live and the city around it. The main reason for traveling to Florida was for a wedding. Since I knew about said wedding a few months in advance I called upon my buddy Greg Arnette who also lives in Florida. When we were in Baldface earlier this year he pulled the ol "If you're ever out in Florida, give me a ring" type deal. So I did just that.

We got to Tampa last Friday evening and it was hot. I am used to being in extreme heat, but in a dry climate. I have never been exposed to hell with humidity before. Thats exactly what clearwater Florida is, not that comfortable. We stayed there for three days, did the deal, and bounced up North and across the state to New Smyrna Beach to stay with Greg. As soon as we arrived I knew he had this shit all planned out. Let me give you a quick rundown of activities we checked off our list in the two and a half days we were there:

We got to Greg's house by in New Smyrna and immediately to off to hit up his ranch

He taught Dre how to be a horse Whisperer

This is his dog, Happy. One of the raddest dogs ever. Look at his eyes.

After putting the blades back on the night before we took out the chopper. Got all official looking too.

This thing seats seven people total. Since I have ridden in one a few times I made sure that Dre sat in front. Arnie had her flying the thing on her own in about 20 minutes. Seriously, running everything solo.

I sat in the back with the doors off. So Rad! Just hanging out of it taking pictures. This is prime time real estate to get smoked by a bull shark. I only saw two the whole time we were flying.

Flying over the swamps.

Here is a head on view of the ranch. In total its about 250 acres and most of it is right up against the lake.

Self Portrait in the Captains chair

Took the Jet Skis out to the swamps. Pretty paranoid riding in Crocodile and Water Moccasin infested waters.

This guy came out of the spot we were riding in.

Didn't get a picture of the massive croc we saw but I did happen to see two bald eagles on the same tree.

Kind of a rando picture of the Ski's and cattle. Not normal.

Dre learned how to Quick Draw.

I have never shot a bow. Thing almost ripped my arm off. I did learn you could really eff shit up with these things.

She killed a croc(that was made of foam)

Rode some rice bikes too. Fast as eff.

Exactly how my garage would look. If I could afford it.

I didnt have high expectations going into this trip but I ended up leaving with some epic memories. Cant wait to go back. Thanks Arnie.


Finally on my way back home from Cen Fla. What a great past 72 hours. Did more shit in three days then most will do in three weeks. Lots of pics to come.


Dirty South

Headed to Florida tomorrow. I definitely have some mixed emotions about this trip, but I am making it happen on the request of my better half. We are going for a wedding and will be doing some exploring as well. Here is a quick pre-trip photo album of what I would assume this adventure is going to entail:

If there is one thing I want to accomplish this trip its to ride one of these. Childhood dream for sure. I was deprived of fun as a kid I guess.

Body Varials on the nose of my stand up is high on the list as well

What I am extremely afraid of is seeing a bunch of locals

But I am totally down to hang out with locals on the boat. Yeah Vickie!

Hopefully I will see some sweet bikes like this redneck chopper

New Symyrna Beach, white sands for days. Staying here half the time......

with this amazing human being. Can't wait to catch up on stories from the "Good Ol Days".....

where there is an overpopulation of these. Give it up for North Americas top Shark Attack Beach!


Album of the Day

Sounds best when played loud


Went to the Mr. Ortiz art show last Friday so show some support for our close friend. Mode in Provo was the setting and it turned out to be a sweet little venue. Andrea and I scooped up one of his smaller pieces that we were both super hyped on, too bad I have to wait in anticipation for a month till the gallery ends. Hopefully I don't forget about it by then. A ton of people showed up and hopefully Dustin sold some shit. Afterwards we went to this sweet little burger joint that served up some Bomb ass shakes.

Dustin is going to hate the fact that these two pictures are up here.
I like to call this one, Artist and his client.

Andrea and I were going for super creepy hand on artist

Now part of my collection

Now part of my stomach


I know everone is into all these retro vans from the 70's.....

but you cant even begin to hate on a diesel, lifted, 4X4 modern version of a "Fuck Truck".

For you Rouser

Spotted at the Chevron in Battle Mountain NV(coolest name for a town, hands down)

Air Time Brah

Stone sent me a pic of these two hipster homo's that looked like the motorcycle version of the "Rebel Twins" from Rad. It sparked my memory of this photo that my bud sent me awhile back of this dude getting some air time. Gay bike, rad concept.

What coulda been....R.I.P.

a place in my heart for this one Brendan.

LOSER Jer Jones showing some LMC love while giving his bike roadside assistance.


They'll Be Back

I don't know why, but lately I have been thinking about the good ol ATC days when I was a kid. These were simply the most amazing machines to me when I was growing up. Pretty much the sum of all things bad-ass piled into three wheels. Unfortunately, now people look at them as if they are the red-headed spawn of the motorcycle industry. I however think that they are going to make a comeback. Lets be honest, will all this hipster shit going on right now, everything horrible from the 80's/90's coming into "Trend", its only a natural progression that these kids would pull some of the sweeter stuff from that era to start running again. I am fully advocating it. A Quick craigslist search found that I could be into one of these babies as low as $200. TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS! That's a small price to pay for what could be some of the best memories of your life, or death. Which would bring me to the only down fall of the ATC, or three wheeler if you will, which led to its demise: Its extremely unstable and super dangerous. In my opinion that's just part of the mystique behind this feat of engineering. Its like stepping onto a bull, you never know if you are going to get bucked off.

I will say, Honda was very much ahead of their time when they launched the 85 250R, the holy grail of ATC's. It looked so advanced for a mid-eighties product. My Pops still has his 85 250R, and I would go as far to say that he still enjoys it as much as he did the first day he got it. I specifically remember being in 3rd grade or so and always telling people about my dads ATC, "Yeah is an 85 250R with a shit load of motor work. Thing is so fast its crazy, but I can totally handle it." Mind you I was like 3 foot nothing, so I wasn't really "Handling" anything.

If you take anything from this post is should be the following: If you have $200-$500 burning a hole in your pocket, go out and buy the most pristine 250R you can find. After you are done Premixing the oil & gas, getting the shit pounded out of your shin from trying to get it started, and trying to round up spare plastics from the salvage yard, then you can go out and rip that thing around and be the talk of the town. Just a thought.