Powell Wrap Up

Our Home for three nights handbuilt by my buddy Brian and his Dad. Here is the highlight reel on this bad boy:
-4400 Sq. Feet
-8 Bedrooms total, 4 of which are master suites, all of which have full bathrooms
-3 levels and a deck on the 4th
-2 Cummins Turbo Diesel Motors and thrusters on each side for easy parallel parking

Played some amazing golf with epic views

Clouds that looked almost fake

Gnarly storms everyday with crazy swells and 50 mile an hour winds

Sweet surf sessions so I could show off my super whack style

Sweet "Overhand" horseshoe battles with Tanner

Prepping the Redneck slide for operation with dish soap

Preparing a Mexican feast for 14

Eating Smores from a 5 year old chef

Enjoying some of the little details we sometimes take for granted

1 comment:

Stone said...

1. That boat is exactly 4.4 times larger than my house, where I live, fulltime.
2. Golf is boring.
C. Love love love.
4. Surfing is for oceans. Lakes are for slalom skiing... ol' school steez, son.
5. Your weekend was rad.