Scraper Bike.....

KC and I last winter, Mash party at Sunset. Good Times.


Brighton Ride

I am trying to utilize every moment that I spend in Salt Lake this weekend. TJ and I grabbed some lunch today and then decided to head up to Brighton, our local shred spot in the winter. We grabbed a Red Bull and Chris Brown, gased up, then headed for Big Cottonwood Canyon. Here are some gems of the day.

Some Rando

This is usually the lift we use to hit insane out of bounds terrain about 4 months from now.

Milli lift, video game shit(minus the family in the background)

View coming down

Salt Lake City, breathe in all its glory

Ride Video

Jeremy put together a little video from yesterday.


SLC Ride......or die

Been planning a little ride for the past two weeks or so up in SLC. Trent Robson from Backcountry.com was kind enough to organize a little schedule and rally up the troops. We had a pretty good turnout.

Trent, Anthony, and Chris Brown were holding it down for Backcountry.

Jer Jones, Brock Harris, and Tonino Copene had the Snow Shred crew on lock.

TJ and Nic were rolling Localz Zonely Posse, AKA "LZP"

and Nate and I were of course repping for CEI.

Stan was our resident Brit biker. And a one of Trent's boys tagged along as well.

Plan was to meet up Emmigration at 9:00 AM sharp, Ruths Diner. Then head to Evanston, Mirror Lake, Kamas for lunch, then back to SLC via Kimball Junction. All in all around 200 Miles.

I thought I was ahead of schedule by getting to Browns at around 7:15 this morning. However, when I arrived Nate and I were stung by a few issues on his bike. The lights were not getting any power. We figured since Nate had no registration, insurance, or license, that he should at least have lights. So I spent about an hour rewiring his tail lights since his "Kung Fu Chain" decided to pull a rear naked choke on the wiring harness. Dialed!

Leaving Browns
Arrived at Ruths around 9:45. Definitely not on Schedge. Jeremy was testing Nate's bike for left turns. He gave Nate a failing grade.

Brown and Nate, LTD.

Checkpoint 1: East Canyon. Now the riding grid gets sorted out. Just cause your in front of the pack doesn't necessarily mean you can lead.

Brock: A-Ok

Jeremy's Shovel Fender. Unfortunately he lost a bolt about 150 miles in and had to rig up with a shoelace. I am going to chalk this one up to one of the 6 burnouts he did. He was killing it to say the least. His bike is Tits!


Beez and I

Nate. Not sure what he is doing with his wrist?

Iphone makes my face look fucked. Whatever

Red Bandana. AKA "TJ"

Anthony went around a corner a little too fast on his vintage Honda. Bailed. Stoked this was the total damage. Not that bad.

Life Partners(For the weekend)

Stopped in Kamas to break for lunch at Dicks. This was supposed to be the last stop of the trip. It was for everyone but me. I was kicking it on the side of I-80 for about 45 minutes. See below.

Ticket, "yes please". Can I get a dickhead cop as well? "No Problem".

So Brown, Gordon, Tonino, and myself are blazing down the 80 from Kimball Junction. G and T bail on foothill and Brown and I are cruising the 80 till our exit. It was a construction zone marked 55MPH. I don't have a speedo so I was just running right behind Chris. I notice a cop with his lights on in my rear view, I start moving to the right while Brown keeps heading. Cop pulls me over and this was the Dialogue:

5-0: Do you know how fast you were going?!
Accused: No idea?
5-0: Take a guess!
Accused: 60?
5-0: Try 85! This is a 55MPH zone, and its under construction, double fines.
Accused: (Silence...) (and thinking to myself there is absolutely no way I was going 85)
5-0: Do you know how much the fines will be?!
Accused: No idea?
5-0: A SHITLOAD! (Not joking, he really busted that out)

He then proceeded to give me the 9th degree about how I should have a speedo. And he insisted that I lived in UT even though I have AZ plates and AZ liscense. Whatevs. Fast forward 20 minutes later and the UHP rolls up. Thats right, the mother fucker was a Salt Lake cop, pulling me over on the highway. Can you say, not your jurisdiction? Regardless, the UHP was cool and they wrote me for 15 over in a construction zone. But had to note that the Boner SLC PD was claiming 30 over. Guess you got to pay to play. I am waiting in suspense to see how much this one will set me back.

Straight up, thanks to everyone who made it out. I had an insane time. Other than the ticket it was a picture perfect trip. Next weeks picture diary......Smokeout West.


Zero Engineering

I was in Vegas today and so was Chris Brown. He asked me to take him to the airport and then once in the car demanded that we go to someplace called Zero Engineering. I met his demands, and I was stoked that I went that route.

These guys are bike builders based out of Japan. They opened up a shop and retail location here in Vegas about 5 years ago. Straight up, they make some sick shit. See below for the candy that my eyes witnessed.

Thinking about painting my tins.....

I might take a few notes from this guy I saw today. Amazing!!! Check out Tonto and Rover on the side of the tank. Don't forget the paw prints on the front fender so people know where you are headed.