Lake Powell Bound

This weekend should birth some great pictures. Cant wait to stay on this boat.


Guard Dog

Two things dear to my heart: My Dog, my scoot.

Photo Credit: Steven Stone. Photo subject to be removed at any time based upon the photographers approval(I figured a disclaimer was appropriate)


Queens Whip

Queen had his bike in the shop a few weeks ago to fix the chain break carnage he encountered when we were on our way to Vegas from California. While it was down he pulled the tins to paint and some random parts to powdercoat. Lookin good.


Went and saw VAST on Saturday night. If you have never heard, look em up. Listened to these guys for probably 10 years now and this was the first time I have seen them live. Crushed it.


New Rubbers

I am ordering new tires for the sporty today. I have been wanting to go full knobbies since the day I bought my bike. However, finding the rear tire size I need in that configuration is close to impossible. So, here I am about ready to pull the trigger on these. I am looking for some feedback. Comments?


Thursday Randomness

When I was a teenager I developed a fascination for Concert Posters. Not just posters, but fine pieces of silk screened artwork. There is something to be said about a print that's not manufactured by a piece of modern technology, but instead with some imagination and good old fashioned elbow grease.

Last week I found this sweet shop beneath a local SLC record store called Signed & Numbered. They have a huge collection of prints from a ton of different artists and bands. I went back yesterday and got my hands on this sweet dog. It looks black on black in person. Can't go wrong with Q.O.T.S.A. More prints to come.....

Hoover Dam Bridge

This this is getting close to completion. Its only been about 5 years of me driving by it every two weeks to see things progress at a snails pace. Going to save me about an hour each way once I can drive over this bad boy.

What an amazing feat of engineering.


Cheap Slot Car Tracks Rule!!!

still so fun, even though i'm not 6 anymore

Superior Miami Globe

Those are the names of the three towns we hit up on a ride this weekend. I was in AZ for a few days due to a wedding I was scheduled to attend. Stayed with my good bud Tanner and we went for a scenic 175 mile moto ride on the Sabbath. Here are a few goldies from the day.
Tanner, 90ish

I was hyped on this bridge steez

And this is one big ass dump truck, I can only imagine how humongous the truck is that belongs to the gargantuan bed

Got blasted by more bugs than I ever have, bee's to be exact. Remnants of one on my right side lens


And Stone told me that FXR's could never look cool

DI Sightings

Stopped by the local DI with Bruns on the search for old cameras.
While there we ran into a lady outside with two parrots, a first
edition Columbia fleece jacket made of every neon color in the book,
and by far the most interesting; two dudes camped out on the furniture
watching a VHS movie on TV, all of said items being for sale. Movie
Tuesday I guess.


Two of me could fit in these trousers

one in each leg

Sighted in Lovelock NV April 4th 2009 at the Chevron off the second exit going east on I-80(if you were wondering where you could see such a thing with your own ojos)


is what I call my hands/arms after yesterday. Since the snow melted from my yard, The Weed family decided to invade the premises. 4 hours later and you can actually see that I have some totally gay flowers growing on my rad "Zero-Scaped" front yard. Now all I need is a dually to park in the bushes and we can call this place Florida.



Saturday Spring Ride

Got a sweet crew of peeps together yesterday for a ride. Up to Kamas, Heber, then back down through Provo Canyon. Man, the canyon was so fun. Thanks to Senor Stan Evans for leading the "90-100 mile an hour down the canyon curves" pack. It was a blast.

Stone and TJ totally Under The Radar mad dogging me

Tonino's non-softail, this bike is all business. Fast as Fuck!

Made a quick pit stop at the skatepark for the first stop on Volcom's Wild In The Parks contest series......

in which Seth and Katie got called in to Man the Grill


Google Search: Most Awesome Motorcycle Ever......

and of course its a sporty motor. Got exactly what I was searching for. Clearly the most awesome motorcycle ever.

So bummed they stole the idea right out from under me

At least they got the state correct.


'THE' Jam

More sweetness up HERE.



SLC to Truckee: 559 Miles

Some amazing memories have been logged on this trip. Blazed 559 miles the first day, punched straight through to Northstar. Intermittent rain made the journey interesting to say the least. Here are a few teasers, we got nothin but gold on this trip for photos. Be on the lookout for some bangers.

-Gas stops every 10 minutes
-Surf Sessions
-Skid contests
-Soaking wet clothes
-Boy Band Shots

Lunch at Battle Mountain NV. Coolest town name ever.

Jeremy Shootin photos at 90MPH

Some Sweet hidden details: Right hand on the air cleaner, left hand throttle, fogged up spectacles.
Right hand didnt work out to well. On the side of the road cleaning water out of Jer's carb.

Sierra Tech Center, super tech for sure.


The action shots of these are tits.

You can tell they are amazing by Jer's facial expression.

Alex and his mop
Too Tall Stone

Jeremy was scheduled to shoot "What the Pros are Rockin" this morning. We took it upon ourselves to shoot it at our condo instead.

Mizu Photo Op