Got a sweet gift from the UPS man today. Mr Jordan Davis Mead III sent me a pair of JJ syndicates that I have been on the hunt for and a DDC Field Notes book so I can write "I love Jordan, I love Jordan, I love Jordan,......" 20,000 times over. Thanks Homie!

If you're in SLC....

tomorrow night, then I highly suggest you hit up the Dollars for Doman art show. All proceeds go to help out our friend Dave who has some medical bills he needs a we bit of help on. There are some rad artists and good people.


Wrecked V.2

Went to the Ortho yesterday to get the news: Is Dre getting surgery or a cast????? Luckily the cast route was taken. Some Chinese Torture devices, black plaster, and an Xray later and we were outta there. See you in three weeks Doc!

CEI x Primo Meeting

The whole posse met up last weekend. We had a summit meeting, schooled rockband, and tested some longboards. Killed it.



So my lady had to go out of town last week for work. She was at one of the Volcom stores working in the back loft, she went to step down the ladder backwards and she missed the first( and remaing) rungs of the ladder. Fell ten feet to her almost death. As you all know, falling off a ladder can have catastrophic consequences, and this was nothing short of that. She landed on her left side, bone coming out of her arm. Straight up ambulance ride to the ER. Two hospitals, 2 wrist resets, and a grueling plane ride and she is back home awaiting a visit to the Orthopedic surgeon on Tuesday. Pretty big bummer, she has been in bed for the past three days with her throbbing(unfixed) wrist, a fractured foot, and more bruises than the Ultimate Warrior. She is trucking through though.

As you can see from this X-ray, something just isnt right. In lamens terms, the big long piece(her arm) should continue in a straight path, not "Z formation" like Damon Wayans.


Salt River Tubin'

Last weekend I had to truck it down to Phoenix for the Volcom Wild In the Parks Championships. Since Mead and I knew about this six months ago we decided to plan a Salt River Float the following day. This trip was intended to treat shop owners and employees to a white trash day on the river filled with Beer and laughter. Well, it turned into a Volcom and Electric river take over. I think all shop related people might of been too scared to show up. Regardless we anihilated it!

Bus Drivers Last day, he ran that shit like it was an F1 car

Inventory of river vehicles

Co' Chillin

Team Vco

Team AZ. Brendan and Angel won Gayest moment of the day with this Franzia pour switch off

The elusive Jordan Mead

River Trash, AKA "US"

See you next season