Salt River Tubin'

Last weekend I had to truck it down to Phoenix for the Volcom Wild In the Parks Championships. Since Mead and I knew about this six months ago we decided to plan a Salt River Float the following day. This trip was intended to treat shop owners and employees to a white trash day on the river filled with Beer and laughter. Well, it turned into a Volcom and Electric river take over. I think all shop related people might of been too scared to show up. Regardless we anihilated it!

Bus Drivers Last day, he ran that shit like it was an F1 car

Inventory of river vehicles

Co' Chillin

Team Vco

Team AZ. Brendan and Angel won Gayest moment of the day with this Franzia pour switch off

The elusive Jordan Mead

River Trash, AKA "US"

See you next season

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Fashion Serial Killer with Glasses said...

yikes.. did you guys get crabs from that river? it's so gnarly. PS. those black vans in the above post are the coolest ever.