Party Time Sequence

Dre wasn't that hyped on the pictures of her that I posted below. So, I will post this sequence that might give her some street cred. I mean seriously, she was shooting Tequila, chasing it with wine, and kept her cool all night. Who does that?!

Camping Excursion

Last weekend a group of us went camping for Dre's birthday. This little one nighter turned out to be super fun. All of our close friends came out to pop some tents, cook some stuff on the fire, and drink till they couldn't see straight. Here is a quick highlight reel.

Photo Credit goes to Stone, except for the photos of him and those go to ME. If the editing sucks, blame me.


Another Legend Bites the Dust

RIP homie. This guy was one bad ass mother. He's the only one that will ever know what its like to pull "Roadhouse" B's.