Workin for weekend, or working on the weekend

Hot off the Electric Halloween party, I woke up early the next morning to fly back to Phoenix. This weekend was the annual Ski Pro sale. 3 days long, a different location each day. A bunch of reps come out for this Sale to support Ski Pro and their customers. My boy Jordan came out from SD to fly the Volcom flag. We were tag teaming a V-CO/Electric BBQ each day. After a long and hot Saturday we decided to enjoy the evening and the crew that was in town. Jordan was staying at the casa and I offered the space on the side of my house to the boys at Burton. Matt and Brad drove their newly wrapped rig out to the sale from the OC. I figured the safest place for it to rest would be on the side of my house. This thing is fucking huge!

Eventful Saturday Evening. Matt, Jordan and I went for a motorcycle ride. Jordan really wanted to try a bike. Well, since he has only ridden dirt bikes as a kid and never a motorcycle on the street, I figured his first experience should be on the freeway scared shitless. My plan worked and now he wants a bike more than ever. After the ride we watched the fight, ate Oreganos, rode fixies down to the Ski Pro Party, went to another bar to play pool, then rounded things up with a 2AM Rockband sesh that the whole street heard. It was amazing to say the least.

Grande is the only word that comes to mind

The whole point of having the Ski Pro party at Cadillac Ranch was to ride the bull. As soon as we rolled up some huge chic got up on the bull and ripped out the rope to hold on to. No more bull = no more us. Out

Bright and early Sunday, Jordan manning the Que.

Jordan and I started a little deal at the Phoenix AM. There are so many ungrateful kids out there expecting free shit that we decided to make them work for it. We will give you some product in return for doing something out of the ordinary. Below are a few examples. All of them done at the request of the kid. Crazy!

This kid ate the hot dog above for a few T's, scout belt, and some socks. It was cooking for about 2 hours.

Mmmmmm, taste like Charcoal.

This kid was the leader of his crew. He was the only participant to hit up multiple challenges. This was his first. The contents of that bottle is hot dog juice, however much comes in 6 packages of dogs combined. Yum.

Check the P.O.W dog in the background.

Shoot the boot. Drank a whole vitamin water out of his shoe.

These two played what I like to call shoot the shit. Take your sock of, put it over the opening of said drink, and slam it before the other person can. J bone and I like to throw in a little twist and have them switch bottles right before they start. Nothing sounds more appetizing than drinking a beverage through my friends hot nasty socks. Athletes mouth anyone?

I guess the Burton boys like to roll the other way. See below for a detailed pic.

Now that the weekend is over, I am beat and sick. Not a sweet combo.

Electric Halloween: Year V

2008 marked our fifth year throwing the much anticipated Electric Halloween bash in SLC. Historically we find a different venue every year, and each time it seems to be a challenge to find the right spot. With little to no research, and a few connections(thanks Jeff) we landed upon THE PEARL this October. Great place, perfect size, endless flow of booze. Fun was had by all for sure.

I am usually guilty of planning far in advance of how detailed my costume will be. But, as the years have passed so has my surplus of time. The day of the party, a crew of us decided we were going as Ninjas. However, part of this "crew" was TJ. Anyone that knows TJ will attest to the fact that he is the biggest little kid we know. With that said, he is a huge advocate of a few things: Anything Disney, Star Wars, Tattoos, and Martial Arts. So there was going to be no "costume" shopping. We were going to find the real deal. After a few calls TJ had a lead on a martial arts supply where REAL Ninjas, go to buy REAL Ninja kits. I was on my way to meet TJ and his better half KC at the DOJO supply. When I rolled in they had the owner believing that they were buying these to actually use and not for a costume. I guess that all went out the window when I tried the shoes on only to look over at Teej and say "Fuck, I feel like I could kick your face off with these things!" Cat was out of the bag at that point but I think the owner was so stoked that he had his first day making $500 in retail sales that he didn't give a shit either. After I was in $80 deep on an Authentic Ninja suit, I was informed that the other 4 ninjas consisted of 2 couples. At that point I dubbed myself the 5th Ninja, black sheep of the crew for sure.

After a few hours of Chris, Dubs, Jalapeno Pena, and I setting up the Pearl we were ready for some action. DJ Jazzy Jeff and Lurch the Banana rolled up to pilot the 1's and 2's, we were hitting the GO button! We had a great turnout considering how much planning time we had. Everyone had an epic time and some looked so intoxicated that they might not ever recoup their memories. I myself stayed sober just in case we had to deal with any issues so I was able to witness people at their worst going down in a blaze of glory. That shit is priceless! There were some great costumes in attendance. Highlights include: Super Sperm, Lego Lady, Pats Banana, Katie as Deb, Brock's 1930's Strongman tribute. Note to the attendees: Ninja Turtles are played, there can't be 50 of you. Below are a few gems, for the rest click here, courtesy of Bruns. See you in 09 bitches.

The 5th Ninja

Katie, Alana, Myself, Jalapeno

Super Sperm

The Furious 5. We might look scary, but TJ is the only one you have to worry about actually putting this kit to work.

Pat tries to break up the pseudo feud between Raphael#15(Stevie Bell) and Ninja(TJ)

The Bar was kickin

I had a guest scratching session courtesy of Jeff

Jalapeno Pena, Nate, and Chris with some rando Drunk biker in the background. Hopefully he didn't get an RUI.

Brock splitting TJ with his invisible Strong Man Muscles

Wild In The Parks: A Quick Photo Recap

A little overdue on this, but Bobby just got these over today. Figured I would put a few up so next year I can look back and remember this grueling 16 hour day.

Jordan and I. He was giving 90%, I was responsible for 10%.

Our current advertising campaign at Electric is "Wild Things." We put the real mutha fuckin "G's" in Things

Dre on Beach Patrol

Volcom had custom fender guitars made for the winners. They were sick.

Brodie with the "Hype of The Day"check, ready to head down to his local Quick Cash and get some greenbacks.


"I want my tew dollerz"

Who even starts this shit?

Volcom WITP Championships

Had to represent the Volt this weekend at the Volcom Wild In The Parks Championships. My favorite South African Native, Bobby Cherry(Yes that's his real name), flew out from Electric HQ to be the second member of our Tag Team squad. All the Pics are on Bobby's camera, which I am patiently awaiting. But these are two gems that I had on my phone.

Saturday was extremely long. We were at the park from 8AM till 11PM. Luckily our saving grace was QT. Bobby and Jordan were unaware of QT and all of its treasures. I was lucky enough to pop their QT Cherry on this one. Needless to say they were amping. Taquitos, Slurpee's, Hot Dogs, Pepper Jack Rolls, Egg Rolls, the list can go on and on. It was the light of our day.

The only other thing that really caught my eye was this fine example of a human being. C1RCA's target demographic. He had customized his AL50's to their maximum capacity. 6 paint pens later, and two sets of laces, and he is officially oldest 5th grader out there. Not to mention he was running ONE tooth. Check the picture, its worth it.

Forgot this one

I wasnt as hyped on this one as the B&W, but I noticed the plane which made it way better.


Another Photo Session

Went out last night to see if I could get some cool shots of the Avant. Pretty stoked on how this one came out.

Total Moto Friday

This shit is so far it almost doesnt look real. He is trying again this weekend to meet the 400 mark.


Spot the dog......

iPhone took it upon itself to make this an abstract camo picture.


Photo Nerd

Ever since we took some ill(to me) shots on the Smoke Out Tour, I have been trying to catch some gems at home. Keep in mind they are with a 7.1 Mega Pixel point and shoot. Here is a shot of my casa, 10 at night, over exposed and long shutter. I like it.


Saw this guy yesterday. The basket says it all.

Sunday Links

Went and played some golf yesterday with a great crew. Tanner, Doug, and Jewett. It was classic to say the least. I was stoked to get back out and work on my swing. Played fairly well considering I have only been back in the golf game for a few months. The weather is finally starting to get real nice, and a lot less crispy. We rolled the Rhino to the course. What an amazing piece of machinery. So much fun. It doesn't hurt that Tanner got connected with the right people to pimp this bitch up either. T, Thanks for letting me get loose in this thing!



Anyone that knows me well can attest to the fact that I am a car enthusiast. My love of cars is on a very broad platform. However, there are two series of autos that are near and dear to my heart, anything Audi in their "S" platform and BMW in their respective "M" platform. So to run across some Aussie that decided to transform a beautiful M5 into a "Ute" made me want to barfa-saurus. This guy thought for some reason he needed a fine piece of German engineering transformed into a truck. There is a reason that you don't see trucks in Europe. Cause they are stoops! But I guess there is a lack of "Bad Ass" trucks in the outback. To each his own.....I guess.


Smokout West VS. 3 Amigos: Day 3, 314 Miles

Last day, ride home. Went to lunch with Landmans brother that was out from New Jersey. Guy is a spitting image of Matt, with the exception of their body types. Matt's skinnier. Anyways, they headed after lunch and I bounced shortly afterwards. It was a pretty cool ride home, went super quick. What a great trip. So many good memories. What you see on here was just the cliff noted version of our voyage. Check D-Bo's Blog for another take on the trip and my gallery for other photos. Until next year at Smoke Out, 3 Amigos, signing out.
Strip Tease

Over and Out.