Smokout West VS. 3 Amigos: Day 3, 314 Miles

Last day, ride home. Went to lunch with Landmans brother that was out from New Jersey. Guy is a spitting image of Matt, with the exception of their body types. Matt's skinnier. Anyways, they headed after lunch and I bounced shortly afterwards. It was a pretty cool ride home, went super quick. What a great trip. So many good memories. What you see on here was just the cliff noted version of our voyage. Check D-Bo's Blog for another take on the trip and my gallery for other photos. Until next year at Smoke Out, 3 Amigos, signing out.
Strip Tease

Over and Out.

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LandMan said...

not sure how/when you snuck in those last pictures, but they are epic...

made it home in 6 hours....not too bad.