Volcom WITP Championships

Had to represent the Volt this weekend at the Volcom Wild In The Parks Championships. My favorite South African Native, Bobby Cherry(Yes that's his real name), flew out from Electric HQ to be the second member of our Tag Team squad. All the Pics are on Bobby's camera, which I am patiently awaiting. But these are two gems that I had on my phone.

Saturday was extremely long. We were at the park from 8AM till 11PM. Luckily our saving grace was QT. Bobby and Jordan were unaware of QT and all of its treasures. I was lucky enough to pop their QT Cherry on this one. Needless to say they were amping. Taquitos, Slurpee's, Hot Dogs, Pepper Jack Rolls, Egg Rolls, the list can go on and on. It was the light of our day.

The only other thing that really caught my eye was this fine example of a human being. C1RCA's target demographic. He had customized his AL50's to their maximum capacity. 6 paint pens later, and two sets of laces, and he is officially oldest 5th grader out there. Not to mention he was running ONE tooth. Check the picture, its worth it.

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