Workin for weekend, or working on the weekend

Hot off the Electric Halloween party, I woke up early the next morning to fly back to Phoenix. This weekend was the annual Ski Pro sale. 3 days long, a different location each day. A bunch of reps come out for this Sale to support Ski Pro and their customers. My boy Jordan came out from SD to fly the Volcom flag. We were tag teaming a V-CO/Electric BBQ each day. After a long and hot Saturday we decided to enjoy the evening and the crew that was in town. Jordan was staying at the casa and I offered the space on the side of my house to the boys at Burton. Matt and Brad drove their newly wrapped rig out to the sale from the OC. I figured the safest place for it to rest would be on the side of my house. This thing is fucking huge!

Eventful Saturday Evening. Matt, Jordan and I went for a motorcycle ride. Jordan really wanted to try a bike. Well, since he has only ridden dirt bikes as a kid and never a motorcycle on the street, I figured his first experience should be on the freeway scared shitless. My plan worked and now he wants a bike more than ever. After the ride we watched the fight, ate Oreganos, rode fixies down to the Ski Pro Party, went to another bar to play pool, then rounded things up with a 2AM Rockband sesh that the whole street heard. It was amazing to say the least.

Grande is the only word that comes to mind

The whole point of having the Ski Pro party at Cadillac Ranch was to ride the bull. As soon as we rolled up some huge chic got up on the bull and ripped out the rope to hold on to. No more bull = no more us. Out

Bright and early Sunday, Jordan manning the Que.

Jordan and I started a little deal at the Phoenix AM. There are so many ungrateful kids out there expecting free shit that we decided to make them work for it. We will give you some product in return for doing something out of the ordinary. Below are a few examples. All of them done at the request of the kid. Crazy!

This kid ate the hot dog above for a few T's, scout belt, and some socks. It was cooking for about 2 hours.

Mmmmmm, taste like Charcoal.

This kid was the leader of his crew. He was the only participant to hit up multiple challenges. This was his first. The contents of that bottle is hot dog juice, however much comes in 6 packages of dogs combined. Yum.

Check the P.O.W dog in the background.

Shoot the boot. Drank a whole vitamin water out of his shoe.

These two played what I like to call shoot the shit. Take your sock of, put it over the opening of said drink, and slam it before the other person can. J bone and I like to throw in a little twist and have them switch bottles right before they start. Nothing sounds more appetizing than drinking a beverage through my friends hot nasty socks. Athletes mouth anyone?

I guess the Burton boys like to roll the other way. See below for a detailed pic.

Now that the weekend is over, I am beat and sick. Not a sweet combo.

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