AZ Bound

Heading down to AZ tomorrow for the PHX Am, I think this is my 5th year doing it, damn time flies. The weather is going to be perfect for riding. I am bringing my bike and luckily I will be able to log some miles with this mofo on his new Sporty, hopefully I will get to ride with my pops too. Add AZ Bike Week, some golf, and some wild style desert shootouts and its pretty much like being back at home. I come back to SLC Monday and hop right back onto a plane to SD for Nixon meetings. Sweet

Loser Helmets are looking pretty Tits


Core One Body Conditioning

I'm not fit, but my girlfriend sure is. She figured she would put that fitness passion to work and start and all women's boot camp. Core One Body Conditioning is the handle, and don't think its a walk in the park because its only for women. Oh no, I have gone and gotten my ass kicked there for sure.

Pretty simple premise, sign up, stay dedicated, see results. Its that easy!

If anyone in the SLC area is interested please give her a call or check out her blog


The Badge

I went through my adolescents as a full BMX grom. Through those times I came across some lifelong homies. KC Badger is one of those fine examples of a human. We have been compadres since around the tender age of 13 and luckily I get updates from his crazy life on the daily. He has some of the best style around when it comes to riding a 20". Here are a few sweet shots of him. He and his posse also have a little blog going on, check it here.

Powie Wowie

Took some turns the other day with Bruns, Dustin, and HB. Brought the camera to grab some footy. Thanks D-Bo and Buns for filming. White Room Bitches!

White Room from Chris Brunstetter on Vimeo.


Finished for now

I have been working on the Sporty non stop for the past few days. Here are a few shots of the finished product. Thanks to everyone who lent me a hand: Rando parts from Brock, two welds courtesy of Nic, baddest fuckin gas tank known to man via Steven Stone, Chris Browns "Exhaust Shop", and finally approval from Rob of Rouserworks to fully bite his style! I am really psyched on how things turned out without doing a weld on. Here is a quick list of what I got accomplished:

-Ripped the wiring harness apart and yanked 75% of it
-Switch box mounted to the bottom of the battery tray for Ignition and head light
-New(to me) Tank
-Rear Fender
-Hella 500 Off Road Head Light
-Torched Kickstand
-Chopped frame exhaust bracket
-Removed all hand controls

Not much, but enough to make a huge difference. Chain conversion and a set of knobbies are in the near future.


Steeping out of my "Trad Pizza Spot" box

CPB, this was for you.

Springtime weather patterns....

in Utah more often than not are "out of left field scenarios".
Yesterday Queen and I went on a ride down south, 60 degrees and clear
skies, epic conditions.

I wake up this morning and my yard is covered with 2 inches of fresh
white stuff. Two words for that, NINE BALL.

Saw this amazing PT Cruiser at Auto Zone

The owner had on a totally customized Mexican poncho with a picture of
his Siberian Husky on the back. Unfortunately I was not talented
enough to sneak in a picture of that bad boy. Maybe next time. I'll
keep an eye out.


Little planned, lots of progress

About a month ago I came to grips with the fact that hardtailing my motorcycle was now pushed back to next year. Mainly because I lost all of my "Winter Garage Time" due to moving and traveling. With that in mind, I still wanted to make some considerable changes to my bike before riding season which starts right about now. I figured I would make a handful of subtle changes that would add up to a noticeable difference. I got the tank last weekend but still didn't really have a direction from there. My bike had been down for the count after I chopped my cam cover, but I was able to take it over to Tim's house(our team mechanic) and have it all dialed in. When I picked it up last night he mentioned I was losing a bunch of low end power because my drag pipes not only had no back pressure but they were also too big in diameter to retain power. My search began for a solution.

I have had my eye on a certain type of exhaust since Dustin, Landman, and I went to the Smoke Out West. Its a super simple two into one that dumps just below the leg. Chris Brown wanted the same style as well and the company that did his weld on happened to make the exact setup we were looking for. When he sent out his frame, he also put in a little order for the exhaust. (Side Note: When I mentioned to him my current problem he recommended that I try some torque cones to help with the back pressure.) His bike is completely torn down right now so I rolled over to his house today to grab the torque cones. Well when I got there I saw the exhaust sitting in the garage with a beaming light from heaven bestowed upon it. We decided that I should mount it up to see how it looks and sounds.

Just back from Tim's, freshly cut cam cover

I got back to my house and ripped of the drags and mounted up the new setup. I was very pleased but I now had this feeling that more change needed to occur. Brown came over to hear how the pipes sounded and then I just started going to town on the grinder. I cut the fender struts off and mounted up a fender that Brock had originally planned to use for his bike. Then I put the new tank on to see how proportional things were going to be. At first I was not backing it, but now I cant imagine another tank looking better. I cannot believe the amount of change that occurred in a matter of three hours.

With New Exhaust

This weekends roster includes: New Headlight, Mounting the tank, taking off all of the controls, and rewiring the necessities.

I feel like I just got a new bike!

Looks a little sketch since the tank isn't mounted yet

Office Happenings

Katie for the first time in her life suddenly got a case of allergies.
Her eyes hurt so bad she wanted someone to pour water directly into
her ojos, Chris met her requests. 8 gallons later and this is what you


Step One: Tank

I really feel that the centerpiece of my bike is going to be the tank. As luck would have it, Steven Stone happened to have one of these tanks sitting on the shelf of his buddies shop. Brock and I decided to take a little trip down there this weekend to scope things out and hopefully leave with a tank.

First and foremost, if you haven't heard of Steven Stone or his company Blacklist Visual, then you are in for a treat. In my opinion this cat takes some of raddest looking photos I have ever laid my eyes on. He rode a leg of the Steezy Riders Tour and took some sweet shots that Harley ended up using for their website, coincidentally they were all of Brock. His style is unmatched and I have the utmost respect for him. The best part is he is just a straight up legit dude. This weekend was the first time we had met in person but I swear we were homies in another life.

Anyways, we arrived at Grim Metal Worx and met up with Steven and the shop owner Sean. Sean is a super rad dude who is like an encyclopedia of Harley history, good guy to have in your corner. About a year ago he moved his fab shop into a bigger space and began his cycle salvage business. They have so many parts there its hard to fathom. Most of it is import stuff. Ryan, Matt, and Jordan; this is going to be your spot for any used parts you need. He can hook you up with that hard to find rectifier you have been searching high and low for. Whatever you need, there is a 99% chance he has it.

We explored the premises and talked shop for an hour or so. I checked out the tank that I had originally come for. It was exactly what I was looking for. Thanks again Steven, I am stoked. I am sure we will be seeing you Grim boys very frequently in the near future.

The Salvage Yard, behind the train tracks for added street cred

My new tank. Pretty good shape for being 40 years old. So sweet!

Gold Coast R&D

I was over at Brock's house this weekend. We were in the garage and some kids we hanging out around the front of the house. One of the little groms stole his sisters longboard, Brock asked if he could see it for a second. He took it up the hill and gave it a go. Then he decided it would be a good idea if I drove him up the hill so he could get a solid run. He used one of his first Gold Coast samples that happened to be sans risers, not a very sweet setup. Either way, he took that shit all the way down to "Del Mar". Within the speed limits of course.



I always seem to be on a constant search for inspiration when it comes to motorcycles. When thinking of my ultimate bike my mind seems to always lean towards Motocross influenced builds. I have 100% committed to this steeze and from this point forward will be focused on pursuing this goal.

A company by the name of Rouserworks has been doing their thing for a hot minute now. Let me say that Rob is doing shit right. Guy spends time on his builds and it looks like he pulls influence from dirtbikes of the 70's which is exactly what I am going for. Here is the bike of reference. One of Lee Bender's boys is now the proud owner of this machine.

Today is the dawn of a new beginning. I am starting my parts search immediately and will hopefully be making some progress in the near future.

Photo Credit: Rouserworks/Onesickrace

68 Progress

Cam has been working 24/7 on this thing. Just finished shooting with a coat of flat black primer. Some body work and then the car is off to the painter, and the wheels and chrome tidbits off to the powdercoater. Thing looks ill in person.


The Undertaker

is what I have named Nate's bike. Ever since I moved back to SLC and got a garage, Nate's bike has taken residence. It hasn't been ridden in at least four months or so. If you recollect the post a few weeks back, I had a BBQ at my house and commissioned the posse of homies I had over to help me get this thing started. 80 kicks later and everyone left with a sore right knee, Brown with a blown out knee. Same scenario that happened to Nate a week after he purchased this thing. With that said I feel its only fitting that it carries this name.

Its getting really warm during the day here and I have been jonesing to go out and ride. The Sporty is still down until I can have Tim come over and re-time it(unless anyone knows someone who knows someone that wants to offer assistance) so I have been riding the Ducati. But every time I go into the garage The Undertaker is just staring at me saying "No one rides for free." I looked that fucker dead in the eyes tonight, rolled it out of the garage, started it on kick 4. Stoked! I spent about an hour fixing the headlight, running light, and stop light. Mounted up the license plate and gave it a quick wash. Took it for a cruise down to get some Chipotle and it couldn't of felt better. Thing runs like a bat outta hell. Nate, come put some miles on this thing. Lets do this!


El Steezy Perro

Dogs beds made for the "Hard Piper" K-9 enthusiast. This one is made of 100% authentic Mexican blanket(purchased from a truck stop outside of Sin City). We are now taking pre-orders, website coming soon.

We are already one satisfied customer deep.


SLC, love it

I feel so fortunate to live in a place that I can go ride my bike in February and go snowboarding the same day if I wanted to.

Went on a quick little jaunt Saturday morning. Only 5 of us, but just what the doctor ordered. Since the Sporty is out of commish right now I decided to blow the dust off the Monster. She performed better than expected for being under a cover the past 6 months. Jeremy tried her out and his only comment was "That thing has a rigid front end". Welcome to my life!