The Undertaker

is what I have named Nate's bike. Ever since I moved back to SLC and got a garage, Nate's bike has taken residence. It hasn't been ridden in at least four months or so. If you recollect the post a few weeks back, I had a BBQ at my house and commissioned the posse of homies I had over to help me get this thing started. 80 kicks later and everyone left with a sore right knee, Brown with a blown out knee. Same scenario that happened to Nate a week after he purchased this thing. With that said I feel its only fitting that it carries this name.

Its getting really warm during the day here and I have been jonesing to go out and ride. The Sporty is still down until I can have Tim come over and re-time it(unless anyone knows someone who knows someone that wants to offer assistance) so I have been riding the Ducati. But every time I go into the garage The Undertaker is just staring at me saying "No one rides for free." I looked that fucker dead in the eyes tonight, rolled it out of the garage, started it on kick 4. Stoked! I spent about an hour fixing the headlight, running light, and stop light. Mounted up the license plate and gave it a quick wash. Took it for a cruise down to get some Chipotle and it couldn't of felt better. Thing runs like a bat outta hell. Nate, come put some miles on this thing. Lets do this!

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