Finished for now

I have been working on the Sporty non stop for the past few days. Here are a few shots of the finished product. Thanks to everyone who lent me a hand: Rando parts from Brock, two welds courtesy of Nic, baddest fuckin gas tank known to man via Steven Stone, Chris Browns "Exhaust Shop", and finally approval from Rob of Rouserworks to fully bite his style! I am really psyched on how things turned out without doing a weld on. Here is a quick list of what I got accomplished:

-Ripped the wiring harness apart and yanked 75% of it
-Switch box mounted to the bottom of the battery tray for Ignition and head light
-New(to me) Tank
-Rear Fender
-Hella 500 Off Road Head Light
-Torched Kickstand
-Chopped frame exhaust bracket
-Removed all hand controls

Not much, but enough to make a huge difference. Chain conversion and a set of knobbies are in the near future.



onesickrace said...

stryts son! get that rear tire up in that fender like it should! looks killer! we should have ridden when you lived down here. i blew it i guess. gives me reason to come thru slc i suppose although ive got a few warrants in price utah just south of you guys...try to steer clear of the state all together. get them tires soon, go off road!

LandMan said...

what did you use for your throttle?

Jackieshan said...
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Jackieshan said...

So Sick! I'm jealous.

Stone said...

Hell's fuckin' yeah, son.

nick said...

that shit is full mad max steeze. cool looking bike, the tank is the business