The last 15 minutes....

of the first three hours on our Phoenix AM 2011 trip of champions.


Powder Safari

Won a rep contest and got to spend a few days up at Powder Mountain. Couldn't ask for better conditions, it was dumping the first day, then deep and bluebird yesterday. Between Sidekick Mike, Trent Robson, and T Richards, there were more laughs going around than the body could process. It's Utah's best kept secret. Now that you know, I suggest you start planning.


Commitment, or no other option?



Met two cats this weekend at the Dice party that were more than committed to Charlie Sheen's mantra, and by "more than" I mean "for life".


Told you so

That sun burst is straight from the iPhone, and Tonino's board is straight up Hard Boots!


Status = Gnar

Thats according to my lady. This snow came out of nowhere over the past hour. Let this be known; to all you So-Cal'ers out there, I would highly recommend getting on the last flight out tonight heading to SLC. Brighton will have 18" of fresh tomorrow morning(on top of the 12" they got last night and whatever they got today), setting the tone for what could be the most insane day of the year.

You're welcome for the tip. No one bother calling me tomorrow, my phone will be in my car, it never goes to gnarnia with me.