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In ABQ today and figured since I can shoot this from my phone then why
not share with everyone? I consider Albuquerque, or "Burque" as
the locs call it, to be pretty how do I say it.......unique. It's a
different place for sure. I mean, let's be real here. Look at that
Aztec Hotel. Really?

Anyways, the below is dedicated to Coan. This is the infamous Frontier
restaurant. It's located downtown in the "Student Ghetto" of Burque.
If I were to guess this place would definitely make Nate's top 3 list
of shit that makes him happy. Frontier is open 24 hours a day 7 days a
week and has probably been home to more beatings and shootings than
any of the bars or strip clubs in this town. You have to walk through
metal detectors before you can order! Food is edible, which is a plus,
and the people watching is priceless. Extra points if you are an out-
of-towner and you roll in solo. I recommend going with someone who has
a NM address. Regardless, it serves it's purpose as an eating
establishment as well as a historical landmark in my Burque
experiences. This ones for you Nate. Chasing the sun.....bitches!


Kauai, The 4th, AKA D-Day

Here we are, the day that we all came here for. Ground Zero, Wedding day.

All of the Tanners crew played golf in the morning. What an insane day it was. Sunny, rainy, sunny, rainy, and still shit piles of fun. Where else can you play 18 holes, on the beach no less, for $40 bucks? There was a catch though, cash only. Who the eff still rolls cash? Either way I stayed consistent the whole game, consistently inconsistent, and we all had a great morning.

Harper was pretty easy to find on the course with his Agent Orange polo on. This would be the 10th hole where about 12 of us decided to tee off.

Here we are, a danger to the public. The course bar had a picture of Tanner's late Uncle Stan inside. It made his day.

No turning back

Probably my favorite picture of them the whole day. A great depiction of the two of them.

The house that the wedding and reception were at was absolutely insane. This is their pool.....

which overlooks the ocean. A little ironic huh?

The Tribute Table
Dishes are done!
BFFs fo sho

Tanners Mom and her boyfriend dancing to Social D, Hilarious.

I got first dance with the bride. Thats right!

Siegel hooked me up with the best invention of the night, portable ice koozie.

It fit like an effin glove!

Jewett trying to serenade me to Mike Ness

Last picture I took of the night, turned out pretty epic.

Kauai Day Tree

We got up early knowing we had some time to explore before we had to be at our Dinner Cruise/Snorkel Experience early in the afternoon. We found out, from our trusty guide book that there were some falls about 2 miles away from our house, so we headed out.

If this was our hike in, then I figured no problemo. It was.

Here were the falls. Not huge, but definitely some nice scenery.

After leaving we headed over to the west side of the island to head out on the Catamaran for our snorkel trip on the Napali coast. It was pretty ill. This is the side of the island that is only accessible by boat and it is much more preserved. After we got done snorkeling I noticed that Dre's face had a perfect red outline from the mask. I asked her to look up real quick(so I could take a pic), well she hit her head on the pillar and the timing just "Worked Out"

Snorkel Spot

Enjoying some Rocky Mountain Freshness.
Brendan, Tanner, Myself, Jim

Pretty amazing views. Waterfalls and all.

Anyone for some Lucky Charms?

Dre got a little Sea Sick so unfortunately her smile wasn't up to her usual standards. Understandable


Kauai Day 2 Brah-ahhhhh

Day 2, packed with action.

We are staying at a sick house up in the hills that Tanners late Uncle used to live in. We drive by these goats everyday. Mutha Uckas are carazy. Look at homie on top of this stump. This thing is like 4 or 5 feet tall.

This is the day we rented bikes. Here is our fleet.

Brendan and Kristi

Dre and I inside the Hyatt in Poi'pu

Hard Pipers

Rode the bikes up to Waimea Canyon. Sick ride with killer views.

No touch zone

Sorry, had to

Tanner, A.K.A. Mike Ness

We got absolutely pissed on coming down. Raining so effing hard I didnt know what was going to happen. Look at the steam coming up from behind Brendan and Kristi

Not so stoked.

After riding about 100 miles around the island. I decided we should try and surf. Needless to say I am out of shape and my arms were not stoked.

  1. One thing that I have noticed here in Hawaii is that a lot of people like lifted trucks. However, they love body lifts. Of the 50 or so lifts I have seen so far maybe 3 of them have been a legitimate deal. All the rest are body lifts, so ghetto. You could crawl in between the bed and frame rails. They also must get all of the tires that they dont sell in the states. Cause they are small, wide, and swamperish. So loud. Classic.
Here is another gem. This is like a dream garage out here. Double Trouble

Kauai Day 1 Brah

Why am I in Hawaii you ask? Well, our good friends Tanner and Roxann are finally tying the knot. They invited 30 of their closest friends and relatives to Kauai to come celebrate with them. Somehow I made the cut. Whats crazy is when you break it down, its really 15 of their friends and their significant others. Gnarly. Regardless, we are here and below is a little recap of whats happened so far.

Our wrecking crew. Dre, Kristi, and Brendan

I was going to open a pool store but this guy already stole my name.

Tanner, Brendan, Jason, and myself were all planning on renting Harleys. I hadn't picked out a bike yet so we drove down to the dealership the day before we were gonna go Wild Hogs on Kauai. This was just the beginning.

This place is called Kipu falls. Gotta give Bruns a little credit here. He told me that we had to go so we made it a priority on Day one. They have a rope swing there that is so sick. You can get loose on this thing. Here is Brendan doing just that.

Me too

At the road into Kipu I noticed this motorcycle club decided to park as well. I didn't know that is was possible to lock all of these with only 4 cable locks(Are you kidding me?!). Click to enlarge this one.

Here is the rental whip. Its so sick that I am contemplating on dipping in on one of these when I get back stateside!

After Kipu we hit a little bodysurfing sesh.

And some Snorkel.

And some Glamour Shots