Kauai, The 4th, AKA D-Day

Here we are, the day that we all came here for. Ground Zero, Wedding day.

All of the Tanners crew played golf in the morning. What an insane day it was. Sunny, rainy, sunny, rainy, and still shit piles of fun. Where else can you play 18 holes, on the beach no less, for $40 bucks? There was a catch though, cash only. Who the eff still rolls cash? Either way I stayed consistent the whole game, consistently inconsistent, and we all had a great morning.

Harper was pretty easy to find on the course with his Agent Orange polo on. This would be the 10th hole where about 12 of us decided to tee off.

Here we are, a danger to the public. The course bar had a picture of Tanner's late Uncle Stan inside. It made his day.

No turning back

Probably my favorite picture of them the whole day. A great depiction of the two of them.

The house that the wedding and reception were at was absolutely insane. This is their pool.....

which overlooks the ocean. A little ironic huh?

The Tribute Table
Dishes are done!
BFFs fo sho

Tanners Mom and her boyfriend dancing to Social D, Hilarious.

I got first dance with the bride. Thats right!

Siegel hooked me up with the best invention of the night, portable ice koozie.

It fit like an effin glove!

Jewett trying to serenade me to Mike Ness

Last picture I took of the night, turned out pretty epic.

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CPB said...

Can't wait for you and DRE's D-Day!!!