She's Back..........

and loud as eff! The Duc is ready to ride again, got her freshened up with a new battery and she was stoked to get back on the road.

About two years ago I bought the Ducati as my virgin entrance into the world of street bikes. I hate crotch rockets and couldn't find an American bike that I was stoked on at the time. Everyone knows that I love European styling and performance, so it only seemed right to choose Ducati. I immediately fell in love with this thing because of its bare bones cafe racer styling and the aesthetic potential that it had. I haven't been able to spend too much time working on it, and now that I have the Harley its been even less, but the subtle mods that I have added made a huge difference.

This is how she looked the day I brought her home. First thing to go was the stupid "Mickey Mouse" mirrors. Next was the stock, quiet, and heavy exhaust system.

Here we are, two years later and this is what she looks like. No huge mirrors, no big exhaust cans, and no tray with a massive taillight and turn signals. I chopped about three inches off the rear of the frame to tighten/clean up the look of the rear end. Stoked to say the least.

Ever since the purchase of this bike I had big ideas for a custom exhaust. These things can run in upwards of a $1,000. After some deep research I decided to save some change and "go my own way", Fleetwood Mac style. Straight Pipes Bitches!!!

Here is a quick clip of how mean this thing sounds now. Needless to say, stoked.

Look tomorrow for an update of our on road Motorcycle License test. Hopefully we pass(crossing fingers).

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