DMV Day, not by choice.

I have had a motorcycle for about two years now. I guess I never really planned on getting a proper licence to be a motorcycle operator, must be the rebel in me. I am going to my good friend Tanner's wedding at the end of this month. Tanner, Brendan, and I came up with the idea of renting bikes for a day while we are on Kauai. What an amazing idea right? Only catch is that you have to have a motorcycle endorsement on your DL. Awesome! After some discussion we all found a morning that would work for us to go get legalized.

We arrived at the local DMV this morning and the below footage is great documentation of what went down:

Tanner doesn't have a bike yet, and Brendan is in the midst of a full resto on an old Triumph, so we all rode the Ducati. Brendan and I went and took the written test last week and Tanner was lagging so he took it this morning. Once outside we met our instructor who happened to be super cool. She let us cruise around and practice a few times. Pretty simple shit here: U-turn within the lines, sharp left within the lines, Stop within the box, weave through the cones. It was a great time to say the least. I was surprised when she told me how many people not only fail, but drop their bikes. What?! Regardless, we all passed.Tanner ended up hitting a cone and still had no issues. It was hilarious and if this was any indication of what it will be like in Hawaii I am stoked!

Tanner, Chicken Wing

T-dog, Brake check

Me, Inaugural cone run

Our Instructor, marking off points for Brendan turning around an innocent bystander waiting to take the test(Below)

Passed Bitches!!!

Our old and New License photos were amazing. I think I might take the cake on "Most Growed Up"




Yours Truly

Brendan hits a cone and Tanner is heckling like theres no tomorrow.

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