Kauai Day 1 Brah

Why am I in Hawaii you ask? Well, our good friends Tanner and Roxann are finally tying the knot. They invited 30 of their closest friends and relatives to Kauai to come celebrate with them. Somehow I made the cut. Whats crazy is when you break it down, its really 15 of their friends and their significant others. Gnarly. Regardless, we are here and below is a little recap of whats happened so far.

Our wrecking crew. Dre, Kristi, and Brendan

I was going to open a pool store but this guy already stole my name.

Tanner, Brendan, Jason, and myself were all planning on renting Harleys. I hadn't picked out a bike yet so we drove down to the dealership the day before we were gonna go Wild Hogs on Kauai. This was just the beginning.

This place is called Kipu falls. Gotta give Bruns a little credit here. He told me that we had to go so we made it a priority on Day one. They have a rope swing there that is so sick. You can get loose on this thing. Here is Brendan doing just that.

Me too

At the road into Kipu I noticed this motorcycle club decided to park as well. I didn't know that is was possible to lock all of these with only 4 cable locks(Are you kidding me?!). Click to enlarge this one.

Here is the rental whip. Its so sick that I am contemplating on dipping in on one of these when I get back stateside!

After Kipu we hit a little bodysurfing sesh.

And some Snorkel.

And some Glamour Shots

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Kauai Girl said...

Aloha! Cool blog--hope your trip to Kauai is great!
If you guys are looking to kick it on the east side and want to rent some beach cruisers for the bike path, we would be happy to offer you guys a group discount for everyone in your party. Give us a call at 808-822-RENT (7368) or check us out on the web at www.coconutcoasters.com
Give the newlyweds ....Tanner and Roxann our best wishes! Melissa C