Kauai Day Tree

We got up early knowing we had some time to explore before we had to be at our Dinner Cruise/Snorkel Experience early in the afternoon. We found out, from our trusty guide book that there were some falls about 2 miles away from our house, so we headed out.

If this was our hike in, then I figured no problemo. It was.

Here were the falls. Not huge, but definitely some nice scenery.

After leaving we headed over to the west side of the island to head out on the Catamaran for our snorkel trip on the Napali coast. It was pretty ill. This is the side of the island that is only accessible by boat and it is much more preserved. After we got done snorkeling I noticed that Dre's face had a perfect red outline from the mask. I asked her to look up real quick(so I could take a pic), well she hit her head on the pillar and the timing just "Worked Out"

Snorkel Spot

Enjoying some Rocky Mountain Freshness.
Brendan, Tanner, Myself, Jim

Pretty amazing views. Waterfalls and all.

Anyone for some Lucky Charms?

Dre got a little Sea Sick so unfortunately her smile wasn't up to her usual standards. Understandable

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