Packin Heat

My lady was nice enough to gift me with exactly what I asked for this Holiday season. Now I just need to learn to use it on a setting other than AUTO. Thanks Babe!


Back On

Been off the map for two weeks or so and between working my ass off and Christmas in the desert I have had no time on the computer. Here are a few randoms from the past two weeks.

This is what Christmas looks like at my families, masked by alcohol

Dre's new Red Wings, and attitude

Got light up work hats from my Dad, hey it might come in handy come garage time

Dre is such a kid, the ironic part....this cup said "Extra Kool" on it

Hoover Dam bridge





Nate and I had an appointment at Snowbird yesterday. Too hard to resist temptation, we had to ride.

Dumping Part Deux

So I woke up Monday morning to this...
and thought to myself, how in hell can I NOT go shredding today. Dustin, Bruns and I powered out some powie wowie runs for days. So much fun.

Morning drive was epic looking

Bruns and the stretch(not an STD)

Dustin getting ready for a hernia

Dustin and his MJ moves

Bruns on his "First Day"


Sunday I went up and shredded Brighton Solo. The storm was in full effect and the roads were sketch dog.

When I got there.......

When I left

Waist deep

Jock-o trucks arent meant for the snow, Sheriff pulling homeboy out

Pride and Prejudice

A little late to the party on this one. Two weeks ago the Jones family threw a Christmas ball with a Pride and Prejudice theme. Here are a few snaps from my camera, and here are some better snaps that Stone and Jer took.