Most Epic Day of the Year

Hope your SoCal snow is epic Mead, Father Fisher's smile should tell you what you missed.


I mean c'mon.....that's like melt in your hand type shit.


Rocky Mountain Memories

The title should of just been, "I consumed over three cases of Silver Bullets in a period of 72 hours".

Going along with Jordan's theme of "I was just going through my phone and found.....", I happened to be doing the same thing and stumbled across some amazing photos of the epic crew we had assembled through SIA and the Xgames(an Aspen Experience). A picture is worth a thousand words.

Special thanks to Mead, Murciano, Casillo, and Richards. It wouldn't of been possible without your complete lack of maturity. I sure love you guys.


5FT in 48HRS

Too much of a good thing can be bad sometimes.

Snow + Flat = Slow

Still an amazing trip.


V Day

I try not to practice this "Holiday" but my lady has a hard time forgetting it. She hooked me up.


The Wasatch

No place like home.


Meetings were at the beach today.


Fuuuuucking Game Changer

I'm no coffee aficionado, in fact, the exact opposite. I'm the lazy guy, the guy that douses his java with artificially flavored creamer. It's like when people freak that I ask for A1 at Flemings(is that just me?). Regardless, pretty much the best Christmas gift ever. So low maintenance. I thought everyone knew about this little treasure until Mr. Mead came out to visit and he was uneducated. So for those of you like Jordan, here it is, get one, enjoy. Don't forget to pick up the icing on the cake. The product that encompasses the merging of the best two flavors in the world, Vanilla and Hazelnut. Yes, this post qualifies as representing a few homo tendencies. I say, its alright every once in a while.


You're Welcome

Rob. Best cheese company in the world is now diving into my second favorite food group.