Fuuuuucking Game Changer

I'm no coffee aficionado, in fact, the exact opposite. I'm the lazy guy, the guy that douses his java with artificially flavored creamer. It's like when people freak that I ask for A1 at Flemings(is that just me?). Regardless, pretty much the best Christmas gift ever. So low maintenance. I thought everyone knew about this little treasure until Mr. Mead came out to visit and he was uneducated. So for those of you like Jordan, here it is, get one, enjoy. Don't forget to pick up the icing on the cake. The product that encompasses the merging of the best two flavors in the world, Vanilla and Hazelnut. Yes, this post qualifies as representing a few homo tendencies. I say, its alright every once in a while.

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Stone said...

French Press Forever, Forever French Press.

(Just kidding -- even I don't have time for that shit)