The real Chris Brown audio

Brown posted up a little vid of Tanner Hall on his blog thinking thats what he sounded like when his knee gave out like the Hoover Dam. But from my perspective, he sounded a little more like the Grape Lady.

Regardless of Chris' situation, the is an all time video that everyone should see.

Baldface Shots

I finally got the link today for some professional shots that the in house photog took of us. Here are a few highlights. Not sure which ones I am going to purchase yet.

What an epic sequence this is of Jordan. I had to post this because I specifically remember him saying, "I just yard sale-d up there and Dave got all of it". Turned out great!

The more I look at pictures of me, the more I hate my style. Whack

Chris Brown; pre kick-starting Nate's bike

Nate; The Ninja

Ninja dropped this cliff that looked so fun

Mead Method

Beginner Indy


In House PC

Last night I went over to Browns(who has a torn ACL from trying to kickstart Nates bike) to sandblast and powdercoat a few little tidbits on my bike. I am new to this whole process so I wanted to take small items to test out my skills before I start to legitimately black everything out on my bike. They turned out better than I had expected. Hopefully I will be putting these back on the horse this evening. Should look tits!


Sportster Choppin Sunday

Decided to randomly start working on my bike today. I guess getting out for a ride yesterday with the homies gave me the itch to get some new shit done. The one thing I have been itching to do for the past six months is chop my cam and sprocket covers. I must say, I am extremely stoked on how this is turning out so far. Sorry, nightime iPhone pics not that rad.

Starting Line

Way too much Billboard area here

Gnarlier to cut than it looks

Mock up after chopping


I dont even get photo credit?

Photo of the week on the Bald Face site. Sorry Jordan, its a new week, your glory days are over.

The New Dark Knight

Pretty much anything that says Brabus on it means, "You guys made this thing way too girlie. We are going to rip it apart, inject it with steroids, and then declare this a real machine."

Not only have they chosen my favortie SUV as their specimen, but they have slapped a 6.3 litre Twin Turbo V12. Thats pretty much like putting two S4 motors into a power wheels and hitting the strip. So sweet, details here via Jalopnik.


Boo Yah!

Finally my boys are heading up north to setup shop. Luckily I still get my fix with bi weekly trips to Phoenix and Vegas. For those who don't have that luxury, you will only have to wait till end of Summer. Check It


My close homie, Cameron, down in AZ has been working on his 1968 Caddy. Shit is starting to come together. Imagine how sweet it will be when the whole thing is shot Satin Black. Cant wait to see how this thing is going to turn out.


Back from Baldface, I'm sick as a dog, my bodies only fuel is running on memories of powder runs. The trip was awesome and the crew was amazing. It hadn't snowed up there in a month and yet we managed to get fresh tracks everyday. The second day the owner of the place came out and rode with us, it was pretty much no rules at that point. He took us to some amazing spots that had yet to be ridden this year, thanks Jeff! That same day I almost blew out my knee in a tree well, came out unscathed, lucky. Below are some snippets of the best trip yet. Cant wait till next year.

Rest of the pictures here
Baldface Sunset

4 people, 1 dog, 3 snowboard bags, 2 roller bags, and three backpacks in my Cherokee

Jordans Cherry popping Chopper ride

Southwest Posse: Me, Jordan, Brown, Ninja Nate

Our Cat Crew
Right after the best run of the trip, psyched
I am pretty sure we were one of the craziest groups to ever hit this joint.

2010 EG2 Colorway(Don not included)

1.7 Twins

Hike was totally worth it

Steep and Deep.


Baldface: Part Deux

Somehow I got the "trip of a lifetime" opportunity for the second time in my life. Baldface(look it up bro)! Its an Electric trip, all the OG boys are in attendance. Including the one and only Greg Arnette; In my book, the man who started the sunglass industry. Finally got up here today after a day and a half of traveling, its going to be an epic trip. We haven't even hit the snow and there has been major shit going down! The only thing that could make this better is if Bruns and Beez were here. Keep it locked on this channel for updates.

Kip "Smokey" Arnette