Baldface Shots

I finally got the link today for some professional shots that the in house photog took of us. Here are a few highlights. Not sure which ones I am going to purchase yet.

What an epic sequence this is of Jordan. I had to post this because I specifically remember him saying, "I just yard sale-d up there and Dave got all of it". Turned out great!

The more I look at pictures of me, the more I hate my style. Whack

Chris Brown; pre kick-starting Nate's bike

Nate; The Ninja

Ninja dropped this cliff that looked so fun

Mead Method

Beginner Indy


Jordan said...

A snow snake got me!

zbruns said...

You should call that last shot, "Begindy".

LandMan said...

i still haven't touched snow this season. wtf. bicycle industry jobs don't have the snowboarding perks that i'm used to....