Sportster Choppin Sunday

Decided to randomly start working on my bike today. I guess getting out for a ride yesterday with the homies gave me the itch to get some new shit done. The one thing I have been itching to do for the past six months is chop my cam and sprocket covers. I must say, I am extremely stoked on how this is turning out so far. Sorry, nightime iPhone pics not that rad.

Starting Line

Way too much Billboard area here

Gnarlier to cut than it looks

Mock up after chopping


Stone said...

The cam cover = essential choppin'. Looks slick.

Stone said...

... now get rid of that belt! Chain conversion = essential swap after cam choppin'.

Treats said...

Thats next on the list for sure. I am on the fence about doing a weld on right now since riding season is literally right around the corner, I dont want to have to sit out any rides. With that said, I was going to wait to do the chain conversion until then because I was hesitant to do it on a swingarm. Thoughts? How was the chain on your sporty when it had a swingarm?

Stone said...

My Sporty still has - and will always have - a swingarm. But to answer the question; the chain is great... no stretch, so it's nice and snappy. Just make sure to use a big-ass racing chain so it lasts... and looks mean.
And take the swingarm challenge - anybody can make a rigid look good, but makin' a swinger look good...? Yeah. Challenge. And, as an added bonus, your spleen won't bleed as much, and your spine might last a little longer before it fuses.