Back from Baldface, I'm sick as a dog, my bodies only fuel is running on memories of powder runs. The trip was awesome and the crew was amazing. It hadn't snowed up there in a month and yet we managed to get fresh tracks everyday. The second day the owner of the place came out and rode with us, it was pretty much no rules at that point. He took us to some amazing spots that had yet to be ridden this year, thanks Jeff! That same day I almost blew out my knee in a tree well, came out unscathed, lucky. Below are some snippets of the best trip yet. Cant wait till next year.

Rest of the pictures here
Baldface Sunset

4 people, 1 dog, 3 snowboard bags, 2 roller bags, and three backpacks in my Cherokee

Jordans Cherry popping Chopper ride

Southwest Posse: Me, Jordan, Brown, Ninja Nate

Our Cat Crew
Right after the best run of the trip, psyched
I am pretty sure we were one of the craziest groups to ever hit this joint.

2010 EG2 Colorway(Don not included)

1.7 Twins

Hike was totally worth it

Steep and Deep.


CPB said...

Thank you JAKE for being an AMAZING room mate! NATE you get riding buddy of the year award. KIP & LINDZ thanks for putting the trip together and letting me fill one of the spots!!!

kc said...

and here i was excited to go to sunrise this weekend...