Back to Brighton

First day back as a local. We had a sweet little posse today and some shit was going down for sure. We hiked pioneer ridge and dropped into the wind lip. Untouched and ready to send it. Bruns, Coan, Nate Murphy, Dan Mac, TJ, Nick, Queen and myself sessioned this thing for like 3 hours. So fun. Great to get my legs back.

Posse Down

Nate in between BS360 Melon runs

TJ throwing a full out of control cork that almost killed Chris. Epic

Murphy getting his rodeo on

Bruns, warming up the rotation station

New Club Member

Went on a quick ride with Tanner last week. He had just gotten his bike from the builder. They are trying to button up any loose ends before it goes to paint. I think it looks sweet raw. It rides super legit for a hardtail. The moto bars and pegs complete the package. Backing it!


I have been on the hunt for a house in SLC for the past 60 days or so. Anytime I find a sweet place it turns out to be a scam, no pets, or no garage. Dre and I found a place a week ago that we set up a time to look at as soon as we got up here. The place was dirt cheap, $800, they were only leasing it for 6 months before they put it up for sale. The property manager that was handling the listing called us to offer the lock box code and a little background info. She said that the tenant was not living there but still had some stuff inside the rental. She had also mentioned that some other possible tenants said something about a tanning bed downstairs. Weird right? Not as weird as it was about to get.

Andrea, Chris Brown, and myself roll up to this place thinking it looked like any other bungalow in the area. As soon as we walked in I noticed a few things: There was recessed lighting that this guy put extra long energy efficient bulbs in and in turn put little 1x1 size bed sheets taped to the ceiling to cover them up. The centerpiece of the main room was a "BowFlex" home gym, soups creepy. The kitchen was littered with trash, like super sketchy style, broken eggs, dirty dishes, the works. It looked like a squatter was living there.

Just for shits and giggles we decided to check out the basement to see what it had to offer. I will never walk down a basement first, just a phobia of mine I guess, so I made Brown lead the way. As he made it to the floor of the basement he was searching for a light switch. I was standing at the top of the stairs waiting for the A-OK. Instead the lights came on and I received the absolute most priceless look I have ever seen on Browns face. Fully flabbergasted! It was at this point that I remembered a slight mention of a tanning bed. However, she failed to mention that it was a homemade tanning bed, didn't think that was possible. All of us were in sheer awe of this fine example of weekend engineering. As we sat examining this contraption I noticed all of the intricate details. The most basic description that I could give would be: a human size airplane hangar, framed up out of dowels, wrapped in tin foil, laced with fluorescent bulbs, and plugged into a wall timer. The absolute most ghetto waste of time investment I have yet to come across. We were super bummed that it wouldn't turn on. After assessing this situation for a few minutes I began to feel like we were in Buffalo Bills Dungeon. I felt an immediate need to leave before someone came home to skin us and tan our hide in his little invention. Sorry I couldn't get a better picture. This should give you a good gauge as to how gnarlified this thing was.

Needless to day, our search continues.


Pulled a 24 hour journey yesterday to get up here

SLC, breathe in all it's glory. Great to be back!


Another "Really......?" moment

Proactiv vending machine. Is this shit that sought after that you need
a vending machine? Thanks Sheckler

Holiday Partay

Brendan, my longtime childhood partner in crime, sent us an invitation a few weeks ago to a Holiday party he was throwing at his house on the evening of the 20th. These invites were fully festive, looked really custom, and had some thought and time into the project as well. After pondering about how passionate Brendan's lady was about these invites, we decided that we should apply the same passion towards our Party outfits. The invitation claimed, "Sweater party and White Elephant exchange". As usual, I don't take these things lightly. We were going to do it, and we were going to do it right. After a ton of logged time at thrift shops and random department stores, we had come up empty handed. Off it was to Target and Michael's to make some custom shit. We spent a few hours glittering, puffy painting, and spray adhevsive'ing our red crew necks. They pretty much turned out awesome. Angel and myself decided we would make tribute to our Glendale(Arizona's inland empire) roots and theme up our kit a little bit. A few nautical stars, lower back foam tats, and over the belly shouts out later and we were set to go. Combine that with last minute Elf hats and we were a party in a can. We thought that we had things pretty dialed. However, once we walked in the door and saw that pretty much no one else got into character we realized that we were going to be running shit.

I am going to say that our kits look amazing

Brendan looked like he got his jacket at the PGA Masters
Long lost sisters, from the Elf factory

Angel droppin Virgin Beer Bong Bombs

Excuse the fuzziness on this picture, by this point everyone was a little intoxicated. Glendale crew reunited.

The White Elephant didnt go as planned. All of the people that we didnt know and didnt bring gifts to begin with, started walking out the door to leave with gifts. Once we got to the tree there were like 5 things left. So we opened them. All of these happy pictures became sad when the opened gift went missing....shady.

Winning the excitement award for the night was the "Live Lobster Gift". It was one of those things that was either extremely funny, or extremely in-humane. I thought it was hilarious, I named him greg. He was moving around straight out of the Timbo box.

Angel and Greg


My list of things that I am Happy about(that Jordan posted before I could)

The other night Jordan and I were verbally brainstorming about writing a list of things we were happy about. Given the fact that everything has been so doom and gloom lately we figured it would be a way shorter list of things to write on whats good, as opposed to not so good. So here goes, no particular order:

My better half
Pow Days
A day with less than 50 work phone calls
Queens of The Stone Age
Pei Wei
That Jordan Mead has me in his iPhone
Trades, A.K.A. Things that skilled people were good at before they were replaced by Technology
Four Rings
Pseudo Life
When shit gets done right the first time
Apple Products
In N Out
Limited Edition Products
Murder City Devils

I would of never thought that this would be 18 items long. Guess my life is happier than I thought.

Addendum to the OG post:

Mike Ness
Good Friends(not just friends, but good friends, like CPB)


4Q Conditioning

Max Schaaf finally has some stuff that you can get your grubby little hands on. Mesh Hats, T's and hoodies are some of the sweet 4Q shit that you can buy. Everything is available here. And if you haven't already, go out and buy some of his Vans Syndicate release. They are sick! I am stoked that I got my hands on two pairs.

New Forum Shred Sticks

Started getting new Forum samples last week. Graphics are crazy different from seasons past. Here are two of my favorites. Eddies might be one of my all time picks.

Can't go wrong with Bob Ross and some "Happy Little Trees"


Next Olympian

Petra in o' Twelve, London, Long Jump

All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth.....

and these boots!

I have been in search of some sweet Red Wings for a hot minute now. Thought I found the right ones...then they're discontinued, then some new ones...and they don't have my size, so on and so forth. Stumbled across a little collab on the i'nets last night. Huf has answered my needs, and I will be purchasing these for my gift to myself. Super stoked

Could be one of the sweetest album covers ever

Jordan reunited my ears with Turbonegro yesterday. I forgot how ill this shot was.


Falcon Motorcycles

I have been meaning to post about Falcon for the past few months and something just reminded me. These guys are based in Silverlake(yeah Hime) CA, their focus is bringing vintage British racers back to life. Ian Barry, owner and fabricator, spends hundreds of hours on each bike and of course has caught the eye of a few influential celebrities. These two bikes are respectively fathered by two gentleman that I can fully appreciate. Jason Lee: sweet actor and ripping skateboarder, and Josh Homme: Musical Jack of all trades, founder of Queens of the Stone Age and Eagles of Death Metal. From what I hear Barry's next masterpiece is going to Giovani Ribisi.

These bikes are sweet, so check em out.

Lee Jr.

Josh The II

DEUS Ex Machina

Deuce has got some hot new shit out! Check it