The Best "Birthday" Pizza in the US

So my dreaded birthday was this past Saturday. Dre decided to be sneaky and plan a little surprise dinner with our good friends Tanner and Roxann. The spot she chose, Pizzeria Bianco. We had talked about this joint a few weeks prior and how its been said to be the Best Slice in the US. Well, after hearing that a place like that was in my home town I figured I was destined to dine there.

The establishment itself is extremely small, I mean small. It only seats about 20 people max. With that being said, the main reason I have held out this long is because the wait is very excruciating. Multiple hours long, or in our case, four hours long. Andrea set this up with the intention of waiting that long, and we made it. Got there around 5 and ate around 9. Luckily they were smart enough to open a wine bar next door so you can get thoroughly slaughtered prior to eating said "Best Pizza". We went across the way to an old British Pub, killed the pool table, and put our favorite licks on the virtual jukebox. We had a great time, the place was rad, ambiance was sweet, and the pizza strangely resembled what I ate while in Tokyo almost every day. I think the most interesting part about the whole deal is the owner. They have been open for 14 years, in the same location, and he is the only person who cooks the pizza. Every day, all day. The bartender and the server have all been there since day one as well. So cool to see a business still operate off of passion for something.

Will I go back? Probably not if I have to wait that long. But now I can say that we did it, check that shit off the list.

Tanner strumming Social D on his wife's leg

Four hours later, Tanner in typical picture fashion


CPB said...

happy birthday Jake. Sorry I didn't call on your b-day. It has been nuts around the brown house this week.

ben-day-ho said...

wow,all my chicks are taller than me too.....

Jamie said...

Happy Birthday Jake!!!!!!!!!!