The Almost Conclusion

So today was it, the day that everything went back on the bike. I am extremely pleased with how its turned out. Keep in mind, this wasn't meant to be some crazy tear down, wild build bike. Just wanted to get rid of a bunch of unnecessary stuff, and black it out. Hopefully by the looks of things I have accomplished my goal. I still think my favorite part of the bike is the Levi's seat, but I don't think Hime is that stoked on it. Either way, this bike has been through one hell of a sex change. Motor work this week and then its back to LA for this little HD. Thanks to Jeremy for keeping me pumped with his burnouts for days. Sometimes its hard to stay motivated, but when you see that smoke ripping....its on.



A little 511 love

Took it on a test ride about 40 miles out from my house. Of course the head light goes out as soon as the sunsets. Made for a pretty cold and uneventful wait.

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LandMan said...

what???? amazing work as usual. we've started planning a mini road/camping trip for when he gets the bike back.