So Brunstetter sent me an iChat with this link about two weeks ago and I immediately felt like I cruised through my childhood and adolescents song by song. I was so stoked that I instantly felt the need to spread the word of this priceless website.

I clicked the link and searched for the videos that came right to mind. Once they pulled up it triggered my brain to another video that reminded me of the previous. Then it was a continuous cycle. Its so crazy that music has played such a large roll in my life, and even MTV for that matter. I miss the days when MTV was "Music Television" and not "Reality TV Roll call". I almost feel like a groups video could really make or break them. It was almost as if the song was an afterthought. Either way, I highly recommend checking this out. Here are a few of the gems I used to watch on continuous loop while doing homework and not being around a computer.

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