Dice Release Party, Vegas Style

I was in Vegas this past weekend for work and it happened to time perfectly with Dice Magazines Issue 22 release party. For those not familiar with Dice, its a really sweet chopper/skate mag that these guys from the UK started. Its got great content and epic pictures. I highly recommend purchasing all 22 issues. Anyways, they usually have a release party for every new issue and this one hit Sin City last Saturday night at a little place called the Dive Bar. I rendezvous with my homie Jason who lives in Vegas and we rode to the Stratosphere to meet up with the Foundry crew, Matt from Dice, and Duane Ballard who is an insane leather craftsman. We then rode over to the Dive Bar where there was already a pretty large crew of bikes lined up in the parking lot. I ran into some homies from Oceanside, Adrian Lopez and Dennet from Circa, so random to see them there. Stoked to see everyone and their bikes there. Just proves how small and supportive this bike community is. Might seem a little intimidating at first but they are just normal people who share a passion for something other than greenbacks. Thanks Dice for a great night.

This is the sign on the kitchen door. No effing around

The old "Spark Plug in the Exhaust" trick does wonders for a crowd

Garage built on little to no budget, I really appreciate builds like this, brings out the creative side

This bike was so sweet. To the naked eye it looks like a normal Sporty chop. This dude threw a Buell motor in a Flyrite frame, added a springer front end, homemade oil bag, sideways battery box, opposite side kickstand, and a sweet moto inspired exhaust system. All of the subtle details made this thing really stand out.

This is one of Slim's creations. He is amazing. A dude with a crazy imagination that makes his ideas a reality. This is his new Sporty Rigid kit that he is working on a patent for. It uses the original swingarm and costs pennies on tha dolla. Pretty innovative.

Buell Rigid chopper. This thing sits loooooow. The pipes are sweet too. He only has 4K into this build start to finish.

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