RPR Wrap Up

This thing started as an email sent by Chris Brown about a month and a half ago. There was a an annual bike rally down in Rocky Point(my home away from home) that he was going to come down to AZ for. As the email chain bounced back and forth there were around 10 or so people that had committed. As the time neared closer, the list got shorter. Even Chris had to bail at the last minute due to near fatherhood for the second time around. Thursday morning hits and the dedicated SLC crew was en route to Phoenix. 4 peeps in total: Trent, Shane, Saun, and TY. It had been snowing in SLC the few days prior, so they trailered their bikes down to St. George and then rode to my house from there. Plan was to meet up with Chris' dad on Friday morning and head out. Once the boys got to my casa two of them pretty much fell asleep standing up. A ride that should of taken about 8 hours took almost 12, they were beat.

8AM rolled around real quick and within minutes CB's Pops and Uncle were at my front door step. They were ready to hit the road, our crew was no where near that point. We decided we would meet them about 80 miles out of town where they were stopping to eat. We finally got going, way later than anticipated, and as expected it took longer to get south of the border then originally planned. One point to note, I had to be back in Phoenix 24 hours after we left to catch my flight to San Diego for a Nixon Sales Meeting. Total Power Trip!

The Attendees

Saun's Sporty

My Pile

Trent's Sporty

Shane's Rubber Mount Sporty

Ty's "Lazy Boy"(The only smart one in our crew)

Trent, Saun, and Shane right out of Gila Bend

Once in Gila Bend I started to see a bunch of bikers heading the same way. Everyone that hits these events rides some type of "Glide" or "Bagger". Typically I think these things are pretty gay, but I would ride this thing for sure. You wouldn't even have to pay me.

First time off the bike in Mexican sand. Gas stations in Mexico are freestyle, no pricing anywhere. They pump and then decide how much you owe.

Typical Mexico backdrop, huge fire that no one is worried about

First order of business was to cruise out to Cholla Bay and hit my favorite spot, JJ's Cantina. We got there right at sundown and that is when I realized that my headlight was out, sweet! Good thing we were only about 15 miles away from home, all 15 miles being ridden in the middle of the sand dunes with no lighting was so ever. I got that shit buttoned up in an instant.

JJ's has been the spot for quite sometime now. The walls are lined with picture frames paying homage to the locals of the late 80's and mid 90's. Straight up so epic! Look at the chick on the left?! Where was she going in life? And at first I was like, "Aww, thats just how people dress in the late 80's". But then you look at the girl on the right and she could pass for relevant nowadays. Go Figure

One of my absolute favorite parts of my childhood was growing up around 3 Wheelers, AKA ATC's. This picture is a prime example of being an early 90's badass. These dudes were just running game back in the day! The main picture explains the perfect ideals of the ATC and why it didn't work. Number 5 is hyped, and number 521 is looking for his oh shit handle.

We managed to meet up with Chris' dad down in RP and he offered us a place to stay at his mother in laws "Compound". A tile floor and mexican blanket later and I was fully rested up and ready to hit the road again. Just an FYI, Boyd Brown is one of the baddest m'effers I have come across. Thanks BB for your hospitality.

Random dogs just shacking up all over my shit

Couldn't leave without getting one of these shots

The whole reason we went down to Mex was for this rally. From the research I had done it seemed like it would be a pretty good turn out. I had no idea that it was going to be a massive turnout. There must of been 10,000 bikers down there. So crazy. I have yet to see RP that packed, even on Spring Break in the Hey Day years.

We rolled down the main drag and it was so invigorating, people in every nook and cranny on the street and in the buildings just hyped. Once we parked this was the first guy I saw. I guess DMX has his protege's performing while he is in jail. Check out the facial expressions on both of their faces

BBQ in style

Enlarge to see homeboys sign

Trent pussed out on buying this thing. It was an ill color combo too

The chick running this leather vest could of kicked my ass. I guess that's why she was sporting that patch

Trent pussed out on the blanket, but Shane dove in on some real deal apparel. A Patriotic Poncho will run you a cool 20 spot

I guess Ali G is part of a biker/fur flair gang now

What an amazing trip. 24 hours and a 100 bones total. Definitely going on the calendar for next year, just going to plan out a little better. We made the 80 mile trip back to the border in 45 minutes on the way home. We were cooking and it felt amazing. I cut my flight down to the wire, my headlight going out 30 miles away from my house didn't really ease my nerves either. But in the end it all worked out with few to no hiccups. Thanks to the Machete Mariachis UT chapter for making the Trek and helping to produce some amazing memories. Peace

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