Seat Pan in action

My garage is, how do you put it, maybe a little anorexic compared to others within my circle. Its lacking a few major bullet points:

-Air Compressor
-Plasma Cutter

that's just to name a few. So when I need some assistance I call in the troops. My good old friend Ryan Murray offered his services, and I took him up on that. Ryan is the super human that taught me how to weld almost ten years ago. I have made some extremely cool shit in his shop, my first desk, coffee table, crazy modern looking shelving unit to house my electronics, and my most prized project would be the bumper on my Jeep. That thing saved me about $600 by making it myself. Either way, Ryan is the guy who could pack all of his shit up in his airstream and move to the woods never to be heard from again, and he would probably lead an even happier life that way. One of his main passions is scooters and mopeds. Below are two of his sweet mutant creations. Pretty rad.

We banged out the seat pan in about 30 minutes and it fits like a glove. One more check off the list

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