"Hey Hermano"

My good friend Jordan was out here in Phoenix for two consecutive weekends in October. First for the Volcom WITP Championships and then the following weekend for the Ski Pro sales. Our other compadre Matt was also out here for the Ski Pro weekend. Both of them are from Southern California and when Matt came out he brought his vintage Honda with him to cruise around. Jordan has recently gotten the itch to buy a bike but had never ridden on the street, only dirt bikes as a kid. I offered Jordan my Ducati to ride while he was out here to see what his thoughts were on a street style motorcycle. Matt's bike was much more his pace so we put Jordan on it and cruised around the neighborhood for a bit. After he built up a little confidence I took him straight to the "Scared Shitless" zone, the freeway. In my opinion this is a "make it or break it" point for anyone considering buying a motorcycle. I wish someone would of taken me on the freeway before I bought a bike, it might of changed my mind. But that didnt happen and now I have two, so there. Either way, Jordan survived and had the biggest smile on his face that I have ever seen. He drove back to Encinitas the next night looking up Craigslist on his iPhone the whole trip back. He officially had the itch. He sent me the link to an older Honda that was here in Phoenix. It looked like it had potential but it wasnt the ONE. I did a bit more research and found the gem you see below. I went and test rode it for him, and 3 days later I was picking it up from the previous owner. It is now in the garage and I am getting ready to make a few changes to it for him. Look for updates in the next few days. Needless to say, he is soooooo stoked. He is now part of the brotherhood. Well, more like step-brotherhood since he bought a ricer.

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LandMan said...

tiiiiight. send jordan my contact info so we can cruise in the "summer all year" weather!