"Gran Fiesta de Motocicletas" Translation.....Mexican Motorcycle Party!

Two of my favorite things, Motorcycles and Rocky Point, have finally come together in an organized event. Over the past 3 years or so I have been pondering the idea of riding motorcycles from Phoenix to Rocky Point, I just never had a good enough reason. Well, reason is here, and we are riding this weekend. As usual, the ride email went out to 50 people and 15 confirmed. Couple weeks go by and we have a confirmed 5. I think 5 is a solid number. My boy Trent Harris and his SLC crew of three are departing tomorrow morning. Trailering their bikes to St. George, its dumping snow in Salt Lake, then riding into Phoenix. Get a good nights rest and then crack of dawn Friday and we are off to Mexico for 24 hours or so. Its a marathon trip for sure, I have to fly to SD on Saturday evening so hopefully we dont hit any hiccups. Should be a fun trip. Stay tuned for updates.

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