QOTSA - If Only - Live@The Wiltern 4/13/11 from Bolts Action on Vimeo.

My buddy Dean came through, introduced me to Joey Castillo, who in turn got me hooked up for their show on Wednesday in LA. When I say Joey came through, I mean that Angel and I were backstage the whole show. Fucking Amazing. Seen these guys from the floor before, but never on stage 10 feet away. Funny that Max had a similar experience a few nights before. Thanks Joey and Dean for taking care of us.


This Wednesday

I will log another amazing Queens show in my memory bank.



Last week we went took our annual pilgrimage to Phoenix for the AM. I didn't think we could one up our journey last year, but somehow....someway we managed to add two new characters that put things over the top. This was just the first 48 hours I was able to attend. There were and additional, undocumented, 36 that will go unmentioned.

Filmed on the iPhone 4, 8MM app.

2001 Phoenix AM Trip of Champions from Jake Hobbs on Vimeo.