Dre was nice enough to round up my Rat Pack of friends here in SLC to go out for my Birthday dinner last night. I figured a handful of people would show up. Much to my disbelief four handfuls and one finger all came, 21 people in total. We went to the best Mexican food spot in SLC and in my opinion, one of the best I have yet to come across. I was so stoked at the melting pot of close friends that I had in one place at one time. I cant thank them enough for coming to eat, drink, and laugh. Dre had Mint Chocolate Ice Cream cupcakes made for me too, total one upper. Afterwards we attacked the bar and it definitely went from mild to wild. Thanks to all the homies that showed up, and a special thanks to Stone for doing what he does best and capturing epic moments in time. Cue Slideshow.........now.

Dinner is served

Mariachi, you're fucked if you get that word in a spelling bee

.......and TJ couldn't get his thumb out of the bottle all night. Have you tried to drink without your thumb before?

Reppin North County....Hard

My favorite moment of the night for sure. Group shot at the Travelodge with the Stucco slide. Think of it as microdermabrasion for your ass cheeks.

This sign couldn't of said it better

One thing you might not of read on the reviews for the Travelodge West SLC is that it has a beautiful 24 hour pool with a wet bar and lifeguard on duty

Dustin and Chris shooting their album cover

Since Stone was taking photos, we needed someone to impersonate him. TJ did a damn fine job

They went for Kung Fu Panda, I went for footlose

Again, on my own program. Looks like TJ and Bruns are having a battle royale

She tries to be so tough. Great capture of the Jekyl & Hyde we have going on

Disclaimer: These last five shots belong no where near any of Stone's work. However, I am a great point and shooter and these needed to be in this post.

I specifically asked all of our girls to shave last night but there were so many retards out that this was the best anti-douche attracting method they could find, and it still didn't work.

Brothers from another mother for sure

Not sure how the "Hair Blowing" contest got started last night but Stone and Jordan should run special effects for music videos


Question: Are those mountains in the background

Answer: Yes they are. In fact thats the the Wasatch Range cause there
is now and In N Out in Salt Lake. Yuhuss! The simple pleasures in life.


Holiday for the Birds

Today was another Thanksgiving for the record books. Jordan and Annika have graced SLC with their presence for the second day in a row, and we still have three more full days! We cruised up to Park City this morning to schralp for a few hours before we ate Turkey and fell asleep.

He thinks he can jump higher with these.

I asked Annika to give me her best PKC pose. She delivered.

The lovely Fishers, Mead, and yours truly.

Somebody has been jibbing in their lawn all summer.

Husband Fisher and his flawless style.

Tuck Knee

The Nike's, doing their job.

Wife Fisher just making me question why I even snowboard.

Off to eat with the family in chaos

Snow Treads

Finally dove in and got a set of winter tires. First season I have had some legit rubber for the ice. These things are like Mud Terrains. Hopefully these will reduce the tightened butthole moments when the car is about to slide off the road and into a frozen creek, hopefully.


God's Revolver*

If you are reading this post then I can safely assume that you are relatively in tune with what the fuck is going on in life. With that said, I also assume that you probably follow Bolts//Action or Black List Visual and you might of heard of a little "Utah Supergroup" called God's Revolver. Stone put a little of their music to my ear and I was hooked. These guys rage and in my opinion are a hybrid between Clutch/Murder City Devils/ASG and a little Danzig thrown on for good measure. Luckily for you cheap effers you can download their newest tracks here for free-o. So do it, you aint got nothing to lose. And again, you're welcome.


Season Pass

Went up to get my Oh-nine Oh-ten Brighton pass last week. Found these sweet jams the other day. Memories.


Watch out motherfuckers, there's a new band in town, and they tear the fucking roof off. Definitely been the freshest shit I have listened to in a minute. I am biased though since Queens of the Stone Age is on my iTunes rotation every minute of the day.

Them Crooked Vultures is comprised of Josh Homme(Queens, Eagles of Death Metal, Kyuss), Dave Grohl(Queens, Foo Fighters, Nirvana, as if I had to even list this), and John Paul Jones(Led Fucking Zeppelin). Can you say killer power trio?! Anyway, they dropped their self-titled debut album today. I have had this thing on repeat for the past week or so.Open your iTunes and buy buy buy. Enjoy, and you're welcome.