God's Revolver*

If you are reading this post then I can safely assume that you are relatively in tune with what the fuck is going on in life. With that said, I also assume that you probably follow Bolts//Action or Black List Visual and you might of heard of a little "Utah Supergroup" called God's Revolver. Stone put a little of their music to my ear and I was hooked. These guys rage and in my opinion are a hybrid between Clutch/Murder City Devils/ASG and a little Danzig thrown on for good measure. Luckily for you cheap effers you can download their newest tracks here for free-o. So do it, you aint got nothing to lose. And again, you're welcome.


TRJJ said...

Dude, I totally was into Pennywise First!

Stone said...

Evil lurks in his eyes... the clown they call Pennywise!

Go download that shit.
Do it.
You'll be so stoked you'll call offering me your daughters as thanks. Your welcome in advance.

lee bender said...

yeah jake, great running in to you man...i dont have your email, so get at me when you can lee@givenskateboards.com