Dre was nice enough to round up my Rat Pack of friends here in SLC to go out for my Birthday dinner last night. I figured a handful of people would show up. Much to my disbelief four handfuls and one finger all came, 21 people in total. We went to the best Mexican food spot in SLC and in my opinion, one of the best I have yet to come across. I was so stoked at the melting pot of close friends that I had in one place at one time. I cant thank them enough for coming to eat, drink, and laugh. Dre had Mint Chocolate Ice Cream cupcakes made for me too, total one upper. Afterwards we attacked the bar and it definitely went from mild to wild. Thanks to all the homies that showed up, and a special thanks to Stone for doing what he does best and capturing epic moments in time. Cue Slideshow.........now.

Dinner is served

Mariachi, you're fucked if you get that word in a spelling bee

.......and TJ couldn't get his thumb out of the bottle all night. Have you tried to drink without your thumb before?

Reppin North County....Hard

My favorite moment of the night for sure. Group shot at the Travelodge with the Stucco slide. Think of it as microdermabrasion for your ass cheeks.

This sign couldn't of said it better

One thing you might not of read on the reviews for the Travelodge West SLC is that it has a beautiful 24 hour pool with a wet bar and lifeguard on duty

Dustin and Chris shooting their album cover

Since Stone was taking photos, we needed someone to impersonate him. TJ did a damn fine job

They went for Kung Fu Panda, I went for footlose

Again, on my own program. Looks like TJ and Bruns are having a battle royale

She tries to be so tough. Great capture of the Jekyl & Hyde we have going on

Disclaimer: These last five shots belong no where near any of Stone's work. However, I am a great point and shooter and these needed to be in this post.

I specifically asked all of our girls to shave last night but there were so many retards out that this was the best anti-douche attracting method they could find, and it still didn't work.

Brothers from another mother for sure

Not sure how the "Hair Blowing" contest got started last night but Stone and Jordan should run special effects for music videos


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