Constant Rotation

Click the album art to buy. Shit is amazing. Thanks Jer for introducing me to my new friends.


I think Lloyd Christmas put it best

"Someplace warm, a place where the beer flows like wine. A place where beautiful women flock like the Salmon of Capistrano. I'm talkin about a little place called Assssspen."

In the Rockies for a long work week. Heading up to Aspen Saturday to support The Unit; Jer, Seth, and JP. All three are gunning for the Real Snow win at X Games 15.

Another year of SIA madness.


FUCK New York...

in the Winter. I am sure I speak for both Dustin and Landman that this Winter has been everything but EASY. This Audi was the last straw for me.


If you haven't...you should.


Best Burger in Vegas

Check the apps and shakes. Place was dope.


"No Clouds in My Stone's.."

I back this girl, HARD. Listened to her whole collection on my way back from PHX. Her kit is dialed.


People Need to Get Pet Approved

Found a dog on the golf course today as I was playing the worst front nine of my life. Called all the numbers on her tag with no answer and no voicemail. So we put a leash on her with the intent of not letting her get even more lost. She was super cool and acted like she had known us for years, I almost debated on having her as a road trip partner if I didn't hear back from her owners. Five holes later I get a call and the dude acts annoyed when I answer because I called him so many times. His 18 year old girlfriend comes to pick her up awhile later, like it was no big deal.

So to MYA, stoked we got to hang and sorry your parents are such fucking dipshits. If you ever need a home, hit me up, your retard Dad has my number.



You should know about it by now. Click the links and please go vote. Jer, Seth, and JP worked their asses off for this.


Road Warrior(with a little gas station petting zoo)



Support the cause mizulife.com

Thanks Julian and Jussi


The Coan's

It's plural now, cause last Thursday Nate and Becky tied the knot. Bonded for eternity and all that jazz. I was tasked with being camera man for the event. I have about 400 images to go through still. But Bruns took a few photos with his SLR in his downtime. Here are a few courtesy of Mr. Brunstetter. Good Times and congrats to the Coan's.

TJ and The Man of the Hour

It's official

My three best friends; Angel, Andrea, and Jordan


Epic Groomers Today

Shane and Tara, TJ and Karen, AZ posse.



Tonino and The Bronco

Post New Years day breakfast session after an evening of heavy whiskey sipping.